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James C Brett

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James C Brett Yarn

James C Brett, much like us here at Black Sheep Wools, are a family run company with a passion for knitting. Based in the heart of Yorkshire they produce stunning yarns that are in very high demand. Knitters absolutely love working with James C Brett knitting yarn and it is no surprise why. Many consider it to be one of the best on the market thanks to its brilliant quality and unique sense of character.

All of the products in the James C Brett collection are astoundingly beautiful when it comes to both colour and texture. Notorious for creating eccentrically impressive results, this yarn is truly one of a kind. Available in an extensive variety of shades and styles, James C Brett wool can be used for any design imaginable.

A jumper infused with the rich blends found in Marble Chunky, which is spun from 100% premium acrylic, would be a glorious addition to any winter wardrobe. And, rather surprisingly, the multi-colour impact of this wool amazingly requires minimal knitting effort. On the other hand, a scarf would equally be as wonderful in the earthy tones of Rustic Mega Chunky. This yarn is spun from a blend of premium acrylic, wool and viscose. The tweed shades are ideal for putting a spring in your step despite the cold weather! Knitters can capture the adventurous side of crafting life through exploring with the irresistible Faux Fur, and the Flutterby Chunky feels, as one would expect, as soft as a butterflies wings brushing against the skin.

Regardless of the high quality of James C Brett wool, it is not expensive, and is within the price range of most delighted knitters. Thanks to their weights ranging vastly, from the Aztec Aran, to the ever so popular Double Knitting with Merino, this means that you are bound to find the perfect yarn for you. Each are as soft as the other, whist creating entirely different results and the outstanding colour palette makes for endless knitting possibilities.

Check out the James C Brett patterns we have to offer as they complement the yarns quite spectacularly. Don’t be afraid to embrace and experiment with colour when it comes to knitting, because any garment made out of James C Brett yarn is guaranteed to be sensational.