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Hayfield Knitting Yarn

Hayfield Yarns come in wide choice of material, colour and texture; Hayfield Baby Bonus Lustre DK is a Hayfield yarn which has a wonderfully lustrous twist and produces knitted garments that sparkle. In recent years, there has been a revival in the arts of knitting and crocheting. Many knitters have a favourite brand of yarn, and Hayfield knitting yarns are very popular among knitters.

Hayfield Chunky with wool is a Hayfield wool which is very easy to work with and produces beautiful, fashionable garments in shades of Hollyberry, Olive, Felt grey, White, Bellflower. It is 20% wool and machine washable and thanks to the versatility of Hayfield yarns, knit, purl or cable stitch look equally stunning in the finished product.

Wool has played a big part in history

Wool has been an important part of British, American and world history. It is a versatile material, and never before has there been such a wide range of styles and colours. The beauty of Hayfield wool and knitting yarns is the sheer variety of choice for the knitter. Hayfield Baby Bonus 4 ply is a wonderfully soft knitting yarn which is ideal for knitting comfortable baby clothes. Hayfield Baby Changes DK features beautiful pastel shades of peach, blue, pink and white and is easy to knit with. Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed is a Hayfield wool which has subtle kemps and coloured fibres which knit up a treat. Knitters who knit for babies particularly like Hayfield wool because of the softness, versatility and subtle pastel shades of the yarn.

Advances in textile manufacturing in the last decade have enabled Hayfield knitting yarns that are machine washable, which are easy to knit with and a cinch to care for, meaning that anything you make will last.

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