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Debbie Bliss

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Debbie Bliss Yarn

Knitters love working with Debbie Bliss knitting yarn. Many consider it to be the best on the market and it is certainly good quality. Debbie Bliss yarn is made only from natural fibres and is seen as a high-end product by many.

There is nothing better than wearing something next to the skin that is made from Debbie Bliss knitting yarn. The natural fibres allow the skin to breath and the quality of the yarn means that whatever the item is, it will look great. Garments made from this yarn will not shrink or stretch and are exceptionally hard-wearing. All of the products in the Debbie Bliss yarn collection are 100% colourfast, to ensure garments look great even after numerous washes.

Debbie Bliss began her career writing knitting books and designing patterns. As an accomplished knitter, she understands what knitters need to produce fantastic toys, garments and soft furnishings. Her experience and understanding of home knitting shines through in the books, patterns and yarns she produces. Knitters who knit using Debbie Bliss yarn know they will always get a fantastic result.

Debbie Bliss knitting yarn is designed not to stretch when being worked. This makes it a great yarn for any knitter, regardless of their experience. It is available in silk, wool, cotton, mohair, Merino, Llama, Angora, Alpaca and microfiber. There are several thread types to choose from too, including chunky, baby, Aran, DK and 4-ply.

The range of colours, wool weights and ply choice means that whatever you want to knit you will find suitable wool in this collection. Despite the amazing quality of this wool, it is not expensive, and is within the price range of most knitters.

At Black Sheep Wools, we are constantly updating our collection of Debbie Bliss yarns and patterns. We want our customers to have the best choice possible of this wonderful, high quality, fashionable and natural yarn.