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3 Ply Knitting Patterns

With the popularity of knitting continuing to increase, the knitters of the UK are taking up their needles and demanding a quality of service which is high. Tantamount to meeting this want is a good supply of patterns for different wools. Satisfying this on the softness scale are 3 ply knitting patterns.

In one particular area, 3 ply patterns are most certainly very popular. A soft wool, it is the ideal choice when knitting for babies. Newborns in particular will be content in the welcoming embrace of a 3 ply blanket or shawl, and there are great examples of this.

Making great gifts, items for babies are likely to be loved for a long, long time. This is most certainly the case for a christening shawl, which is just perfect to be tailored with 3 ply. Knitting patterns of shawls that can be used for christenings are plentiful, so you have the luxury of choice.

Making great blankets too, 3 ply patterns are all about the cosy factor. Warmth and softness is what they are all about, which is why they also make for great home accessories. However, it is for baby where they really come into their own, whether being used in the home or when out and about.

Being a good wool to work with, 3 ply knitting patterns are also perfect for those just learning to knit. However, as the skill level of the individual knitter improves, so can the 3 ply knits get a little more challenging. This makes them perfect for all experienced knitting enthusiasts too.

At Black Sheep Wools, we understand that having access to great 3 ply patterns is important. We also think it is important that they are available at sensible prices, which is why our full range of 3 ply, 2 and 4 ply knitting patterns are great bargains.