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2 Ply Knitting Patterns

As knitting continues to win over more and more fans, it is essential that there is a good supply of knitting patterns. It is also important that these designs come in a range of styles and trends, suit the whole family, and are available for all different types of wools and yarns. Delivering great designs for softness, 2 ply knitting patterns always need to be in good number, for example.

One area where 2 ply patterns are particularly needed is for new born babies and toddlers. Because the wool is super soft and so pure, it nestles up against the skin perfectly. As a gift, anything that is made from the wool will be welcome, and there is every chance it will become a favourite item used by the new parents.

With this in mind, it is little surprise that among the most popular knits for 2 ply knitting patterns are baby shawls. Perfect to celebrate a christening of course or simply for day to day use when parent and baby are out and about, they are an item that continues to give.

In a similar fashion, 2 ply patterns are also perfect for blankets. Much as with a shawl, they provide great warmth and a cosiness that will be appreciated. Whether being used in the main cot, travel cots, or to protect from the wind and chill in a pram or pushchair, there are some great designs.

It is also possible to get creative with the basic 2 ply knitting patterns, and add details and flourishes as confidence grows. This is what makes them so great for both advanced knitters, and those at an early stage in the hobby.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we offer some fun and enjoyable 2 ply patterns. With designs available for 3 ply knitting patterns and 4 ply knitting patterns too, we are helping Britain knit!