Sock Knitting Patterns

As more people get attracted to knitting as a hobby, it is important that the industry provides support and advice. It is equally important that great knitting patterns are provided too, with a particular stress on popular items. This is why there are so many great sock knitting patterns available and, with Christmas always good for socks, it is great to knit them through the year in readiness.

Always a welcome gift, modern sock patterns are available in classic styles and trends, as well as more fashionable designs. They are also a great item for novices to get to grips with, offering just enough of a challenge to improve and learn skills, but with a sensible approach.

There are also some of the very biggest brands in the industry providing sock knitting patterns today. With the likes of Sirdar offering up some truly well executed designs, knitters of any experience will know the all important lasting qualities are there.

Sock patterns are available for the whole family too, with toddlers and children's socks being particular favourites to knit. The knits are also available in a great range of wools and yarns, with popular weights such as chunky, DK and super chunky proving effective protection against winter chills.

A notable pack of sock knitting patterns which is a great stalwart to have in any knitting library is the 'Socks in Sirdar Click Chunky'. Doing exactly what it says, this is a great collection of textured socks for ages four to 12, and for both men and women.

This is just one example of the sock knitting patterns that we stock all the time at Black Sheep Wools. Able to bring products to market soon after their release too, and at prices from just £2.50, we are helping keep toes toasty in the UK, no matter the weather.