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Wendy Knitting Patterns

Any knitter who wants to get the most out of their hobby will benefit greatly from buying good quality patterns. Wendy knitting patterns certainly fall into this category. These patterns are exceptionally well laid out and are easy to follow and fun to use. They are always printed on good quality paper too, making it possible to reuse them or even pass them on to other knitters. The gift of a Wendy pattern will be appreciated by any knitter and can be enjoyed for many years.

Wendy is a traditional knitting company which started making yarns over a hundred years ago. Unlike many companies, which have mainly marketed their yarns for industrial use, Wendy has created yarns for home knitters. To complement this approach, the company produced patterns for home knitters to follow, and did so before many other companies. The firm was very much ahead of the game and its designers have worked hard to keep the company in this position; Wendy patterns are still some of the best on the market.

Despite being one of the older companies in the field, Wendy knitting patterns are right up to date. Of course, Wendy still produces and sells traditional patterns for items such as baby mittens, booties, hats and cardigans. However, it has been careful to come up with new designs that keep pace with today's fashion trends. Many of the brand’s patterns are designed to produce fun items, like animal hats. These make great gifts and can be great projects for youngsters who have recently become involved in this extremely accessible craft.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we stock a wide range of Wendy knitting patterns, and update our collection on a regular basis. Our aim is to provide you with the best knitting patterns from all firms, so you get the maximum choice for the best price.