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UKHKA Knitting Patterns

With so many people enjoying knitting as a hobby at the moment, it is little wonder that the UK Hand Knitting Association is so popular right now. Providing great support for all knitters in the UK, and the industry as a whole, it is helping to regenerate the hobby across the country. As part of this, there are a number of UKHKA knitting patterns starting to appear on the market.

More than the UKHKA patterns, though, the association has supported a number of classes teaching people how to knit, how to get more from their knits and how to improve skills. For more than 20 years, it has promoted the craft, teaming up with leading names in the industry to do this.

With all major brands being members of the Association, it is little surprise that its own UKHKA patterns are representing quality, value and convenience. Key to boosting knitting group numbers across the country, as well as helping bring more stores online and to the high street, a particular speciality can be found in knits for babies and kids.

These great knit designs for toddlers and children are perfect for cardigans, and provided by UKHKA are particularly well executed. With UKHKA knitting patterns available in double knitting yarn, 4ply and ridge stitch, there will be something to suit most styles and tastes, allowing youngsters to be dressed perfectly all the time.

UKHKA knitting patterns for babies also extends into sweaters, with hooded sweaters a favoured design by many. Also available in DK, and with ages from new-born right up to about five or six looked after, it is a great way for new parents and grandparents to make something special.

At Black Sheep Wools, we are just as committed to knitting as the UKHKA. Knitting Patterns from the Association, and from all major brands, are provided by us to show this.