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Peter Pan

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Peter Pan Knitting Patterns

When it comes to finding new designs for knitting baby clothes and blankets, most would agree it is a somewhat challenging feat, and that’s before even picking up your needles! Patterns are a fantastic way for crafters to expand their knitting horizons and experiment with the idea of creating something new. Peter Pan patterns offer inspiration, as well as guidance, on how to use knitting to make the most beautiful clothes, accessories and soft furnishings for pretty much any avid knitter.

Peter Pan patterns are, without a doubt, one of the most popular collections we have to offer here at Black Sheep Wools. Wendy is a brand that is infamously known for its high quality and low prices. Recognised by most within the crafting industry due to it being available rather impressively for over a hundred years, it is one of the most favoured brands of knitting and crocheting yarns. In order to do their wool justice, Peter Pan knitting patterns are devised specifically to enhance the beauty of their baby yarn range.

Available in an assortment of the most adorable designs, these patterns are both creative and fashionable, let alone wonderfully cute. The hooded teddy sweater would make an incredible addition to any little one’s wardrobe to keep them warm and snuggly throughout the cold winter months. Where the striped star/heart motif sweaters would be a cheerful choice to add a bit of brightness to any gloomy day. Infused with glorious colours and lots of love, Peter Pan patterns make traditional items like cardigans, sweaters and blankets that extra bit special.

At Black Sheep Wools we aim to please by providing the best choices of Peter Pan patterns. Treat yourself or a friend and let your little treasures join Pan on an adventure to Never Never land today.