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Patons Knitting Patterns

Knitting patterns are essential for any craftsperson who wants to get the most out of their hobby. A good pattern allows knitters to create the toys, garments and soft furnishings they want. Patterns are also a great source of ideas and inspiration.

For example, there is nothing better than spotting a pattern for a cardigan your niece would love, buying it, knitting the cardigan and watching her face light up when she receives it.

Patons has been making yarn since the 1770s. Its wool was initially designed for industrial use only. However, in 1920, the company began to make wool for the domestic market. At this point, it launched its knitting patterns.

From the start, Patons knitting patterns were a big hit. They are extremely easy to follow and are printed on good quality paper. Sizing wise, they are also very precise. It is easy for any knitter to produce great looking clothing, cuddly toys and soft furnishings using Patons knitting patterns.

There is also plenty of choice. The company’s designers work hard to stay ahead of fashion trends. Their patterns are designed to take advantage of modern yarns and colours. There are patterns for wool, cotton, aran, double knit, chunky and many other kinds of yarn. Whatever look you are after, you will find a pattern that works for you within the collection.

Many of the knitting patterns are available in sets or books; with these you get up to eight designs that follow a theme. This is great if you are trying to achieve a certain look or want to knit clothes for the children which are guaranteed to look good together.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, you will always find a wide range of Patons knitting patterns. We regularly update our collection to make sure you get a good choice and can always buy the latest patterns.