DMC Crochet Patterns

If you love crocheting and have not tried DMC Crochet patterns, now is the time to treat yourself to them. The simplicity and usability of these patterns simply cannot be beaten, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular with both the casual and advanced knitter.

DMC stands for Dollfus Mieg et Cie. They are one of the oldest commercial thread and yarn firms still in existence. The firm was founded by Jean-Henri Dollfus in 1746, in the French town of Mulhouse. Mr Dollfus discovered that feeding cotton thread through caustic soda changed the finish and strengthened it at the same time. He started treating his thread in this way and his business took off. Today, DMC threads, yarns and wools are sold across the world.

Naturally, DMC Crochet patterns are primarily designed to take advantage of DMC yarns and threads, but also work well when used with other high quality yarns. Their pattern range contains some amazing and unique items.

There are plenty of great patterns for babies', kid's, men's and women's clothing, but their soft furnishings, bag and accessory patterns are the real star of the DMC Crochet patterns collection. You can make teddy bears and other toys as well, using their guidelines.

Anything you make with DMC Crochet patterns will be perfect as a gift. There are patterns to suit any age group. For beginners there are a good choice of patterns, but experienced knitters and crocheters will enjoy this collection the most. They will always find something new and interesting to make within this collection of crochet and knitting patterns.

At Black Sheep Wools, we regularly update our collection of DMC Crochet knitting patterns to bring you the most up to date patterns. All of our DMC Crochet patterns are competitively priced and we can provide the yarns you need, so you can order everything you need to enjoy these wonderful patterns from us.