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Designer Yarns Patterns

Designer Yarns is one of the knitting industries newer companies. The firm was founded to bring together five yarn brands, some of whom were struggling to get a toehold, and compete in an industry dominated by large companies. They pulled together Debbie Bliss, Noro, Araucania, Mirasol and Louisa Harding brands under a single umbrella. These yarns were very different from what was typically available at the time, so the team quickly came up with a range of Designer Yarns patterns to take advantage of the unique qualities of these yarns. This was a very wise move; it allowed knitters to properly enjoy the unique qualities of their top end yarns.

Designer Yarns knitting patterns, give enthusiasts the chance to try something different, so they are very popular with home crocheters and knitters. Most of the garments you knit using their patterns are not complicated to make. However, these patterns still produce truly unique garments that you simply never see in the shops. Using their patterns and yarns gives you the chance to wear unusual and bespoke designer clothes, even on a tight budget.

Importantly, their range of patterns also includes simple items like plain sweaters, mittens, scarves and cardigans, which never really go out of fashion. There really is something for everyone within the Designer Yarns patterns collection. People who are new to knitting can start out by making a simple scarf. More experienced knitters will enjoy the challenge of knitting an Aran sweater, intricate shawl or even a handbag. The Designer Yarns knitting patterns collection includes some lovely items for babies and children as well as stylish men and women's clothes.

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