Free Premature Baby Patterns

Sizing chart to help you determine sizes based on the weight of the baby:

Baby weightHead circumferenceChest circumferenceFoot length
11/2 to 2lb 81/2" to 9" 81/2" to 9" 1"
2lb to 3lb 91/2" to 10" 9" to 10" 11/2" to 2"
3lb to 4lb 101/2" to 11" 10" to 11" 2" to 21/2"
5lb to 6lb 12" to 121/2" 12" to 13" 2.5" to 3"
6lb to 7lb 13" to 131/2" 13" 3" to 31/2"
7lb to 8lb 14" to 15" 131/2" 31/2"
8lb to 10lb 16" 14" 31/2"

Our friends at Sirdar have very kindly donated a FREE premature baby pattern for you to download. Please click the following link: Cardigans. Hat, Mittens & Bootees knitted in Sirdar Snuggly 4ply

Double knitting yarn is preferred for the blankets and 4ply bonnets.

Hospitals will only accept TIGHTLY crocheted blankets / cardigans.

Christine Cooper (founder of Ray of Hope) has also very kindly agreed for us to share some of the patterns that they use for premature babies too.

As the patterns below are free and have been written by members of the public, we cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies nor can we give any advice related to these patterns.

Blankets should measure 20" x 20" / 50 x 50cm (approx) and are ALWAYS needed.

Feel free to use your own patterns if you wish and if you have created a pattern that you wish to share, please email

We will be posting regular updates on this campaign over on our blog.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Please send any finished items to the following hospitals or to Black Sheep Wools and we will send them on for you:

Neonatal Unit
Croft Wing - 1st Floor
Warrington Hospital
Neonatal Unit
Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust
Crow Street
L8 7SS

The Newborn Appeal

The Knitting Scheme is a large source of income for The Newborn Appeal that funds the specialist equipment on the Neonatal unit at the Liverpool Womens hospital. All items donated to the Newborn Appeal will be sold on the Knitting Stall in reception at the hospital on a Thursday & Wednesday (from 10am-3pm). Knitting can be dropped over these days if you would like to donate in person. All items are acknowledged and members of the scheme receive regular updates from the charity.

If you would like to become one of the 'Newborn Knitters' Please contact Nadia on 0151 702 4194 and she would be delighted to hear from you!