Jennifer Paganelli

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Inspired by her youth spent in the vibrant Caribbean, in the Great Lakes region of the US, Jennifer Paganelli’s fabrics are bright and exuberantly colourful. Her happy designs revive the old with a twist of fun by incorporating unusual patterns and a mixture of textures. Jennifer uses everyday means, such as journaling, collaging and long lost materials that she has discovered from her past to cultivate new ideas and fabrics. Having published two Chronicle Books ‘Girl’s World’ and ‘Happy Home’, her fabrics and line of home decorating products are deemed a worldwide sensation. She employs the striking vintage style of strong, saturated colours, thus creating fabrics which have the overall wow factor. The Jennifer Paganelli fabric collection ranges from soft sweet patterns, to classic florals and finally to bold geometrics. Feel free to explore her beautiful fabrics and sew to your heart’s content.