Pattern Books

Crochet Pattern Books 

At Black Sheep Wools we have a wonderful selection of crochet books full to the brim with lovely patterns. With such great variety available at your fingertips, you are sure to find the perfect pattern for you. There are many crochet ideas for delightful bedroom designs, say for instance in The Filz-it! No 002 book. With circular rugs made of the softest of wool, these patterns are ideal for crawling babies who need somewhere that’s silky smooth against their skin to sit and play with their toys. The Crocheted Granny Squares Book, on the other hand, appeals to those who are attracted to bright displays of colour. With over 20 amazing designs to choose from, these heavenly patterns entice most crocheters to create the most fascinating pieces, from blankets to large floor cushions.

If you’re a first time crocheter and have been tempted to try something new and exciting, we can make it as easy for you as possible with the Patons Learn to Crochet Book. Or, if you already have the skills but want to touch up on your technique, perhaps the 30 minute crochet book would be a quick read to get you ready and raring for more!

For the more advanced crochet aficionado, there are teddy bears and dolls to be made which provide a creative challenge for you, as well as a beautiful gift for family or friends. Small children love the flexibility of rag dolls and they are easily washed, making them hygienic and durable for younger ages.  If you go down to the woods today, be sure to take The Crocheted Bear Book for crocheting inspiration.

Crochet lovers who are planning a lovely summer or autumn vacation and want to be the envy of all eyes, should definitely take a glance at the Holiday Crochet Book by Rowan. It consists of 14 beautiful designs by Marie Wallin using the brands Cotton, Panama and Creative Linen, and each design would be perfect to check off the packing list.

Feel free to browse our vast selection of books to your crocheting heart’s content.