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When it comes to starting a new hobby or simply exploring as an experienced crafter, the one thing that may deter you from being adventurous is the price involved with doing so. An interest in knitting has dramatically increased over the past few years. This reawakening has ultimately led to considerable amendments within the crafting industry and thus, at Black Sheep Wools. One change here, to many knitters delight whether new or experienced, is the introduction of cheaper yarns. Not only is this a great benefit when it comes to practising or improving on your knitting skills, but our cheap range is just as fantastic as our higher priced premium products.   

Although lower in price than many of our products, the cheaper knitting wool we proudly offer generally stems from the worldwide leading brands that most knitters know and have grown to love. You can easily come across brilliant clearance bargains from major names, such as Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Sirdar, Rico and Sublime. From Sirdar Escape, to Crofter Dk and Louisa Harding Jesse, to Simonetta, we are delighted to provide them all. These cheaper knitter yarns may be cost effective and therefore cheap by price, but they are most certainly not cheap by quality.

Alongside our free knitting patterns, cheap knitting wool really is a fabulous way to get started with the wonderful craft that is knitting.  For beginners it is an excellent investment because each allows for numerous mistakes to be made that, at the end of the day, will not matter. When the amount of mistakes begin to decrease, and believe us this will take both time and patience,  one will soon find that knitting provides a sense of gratification like no other craft. Once conquered, knitting produces the finest results that can be treasured forever.

Cheap knitting yarn is not just for ambitious knitting novices; far from it, in fact. With all the top brands supplying discounted wool, it is the ideal opportunity for true knitters to stock up. We all know having a well-stocked supply is important, so taking advantage when the price is low, we most certainly believe, is a definite must.

We have some of the very best cheap knitting wool on offer in our clearance section. With over 200 deals on cheap knitting yarn throughout the year, it really is time to get those needles out.