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Wendy Knitting Patterns

With knitting becoming more popular than it ever has been, there are all sorts of new people finding a passion for this great hobby. Helping to keep them enthused, the great new yarns and patterns delivered by top brands are excellent. This is exactly what is happening with Wendy knitting pattern books and wools.

Bringing uniqueness to the craft, Wendy pattern books are committed to tradition and classical styles, and bring a host of great ideas to the table. Cleverly designed and well laid out, the instructions are all clear and concise, making them easy to follow for knitters of all different abilities.

One great example of the Wendy knitting pattern books is the Chunky Collections. Containing numerous designs for men, women and kids, there is a nice mix of clothing and accessories to really have fun with. A number of chunky wools are recommended for the designs, including the likes of Mode Chunky and Merino Chunky.

Wendy pattern books are also great for the seasons through the year, and this is no better seen than with the Festive Knits collection. From the traditional Christmas designs like Rudolph the reindeer, snowmen, presents and Santa sweaters, to a great tea cosy for the season, there really are some fun designs that all the family will love to receive, and will love to make.

Another great example of Wendy knitting pattern books is the Celebrate collection. Featuring some stunning designs for home-wares such as cushions, all with a celebratory British feel from the main feature of the Union Flag, there are many occasions when they can be used.

Every one of the Wendy pattern books that we stock here at Black Sheep Wools delivers a great deal of fun. They are also of an extremely high quality, making them perfect for all knitters. All priced at around £6, they represent great value too. Let's knit!