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Twilleys Knitting Patterns

As knitting generates more and more interest throughout the country, more and more patterns are required to satisfy people's eagerness. Fortunately, all the top brands and designers are stepping up to the mark and delivering some wonderful creations. A good example of this can be seen with Twilleys knitting pattern books.

A mainstay in the UK wool industry for over six decades, Twilleys pattern books take a good deal of inspiration from the classics. However, with the help of clever design and the use of some fantastic yarns, there is a timeless quality to the designs, whilst there is also something there for the more trendy styles.

Twilleys knitting pattern books are specifically designed to work with the quality DKs, chunky wools and crochet yarns that the company is so committed to producing. This can perhaps no better be seen than in the Freedom Mist DK Book. A great collection, this book offers 12 designs for women and men, in the excellent Freedom Mist DK wool.

Another great example of Twilleys pattern books is the Ladies’ Hats and Scarves Collection. This lovely book contains the designs for many great accessories, which includes a beret and great scarf with pockets, as well as more regular scarves and hats.

Men are not left out with Twilleys knitting pattern books. This can be seen with the Men’s Jacket collection. A great design for a classic styled jacket/cardigan knit, the book has instructions to create a great item of clothing from sized 36” chest right through to size 46”, allowing any man to be treated to a great gift.

We have a great range of Twilleys pattern books here at Black Sheep Wools, and are always delighted to offer great prices. Eager to get as many people knitting as possible, our books start from as low as £2.50, and are rarely above £5, no matter the preferred designer or brand.