Sirdar Knitting Patterns

Running out of the essentials like yarns and needles mid-project can be a tad frustrating. Similarly, finding there are no new patterns in the house to try can be disappointing too. However, thanks to the excellent offerings of Sirdar knitting pattern books, we can all ensure our hobby always has plenty to offer.

Being from one of the best knitting design and speciality hand yarn spinners around today, it is little wonder that Sirdar knitting pattern books are so good. Whilst heritage is a big part of the brand, its designs are excellent whether looking at traditional styles, or more recent and fashionable trends.

Having an eye on the current fashion is nothing new for Sirdar though, and this is perfectly reflected with the launch of new and on-trend designs through the seasons. With a dedicated approach that ensures its designs work perfectly with its yarns, quality is the obvious result.

A modern collection which exudes such quality is the Sirdar Arans for Living collection. With 11 designs for Denim Sport Aran and Aran with Wool, they all strike a beautiful balance between comfort and style. Much the same is true of all the collections, from the beginners’ range up.

Helping novice knitters develop skills quickly and effectively, a great collection to check out is Big Softie Knits for Beginners. Teaching how to knit in just eight steps, the 17 women's and girls’ designs are perfectly laid out with easy-to-follow and stress-free instructions.

Throughout the range, Sirdar knitting pattern books have the perfect solution for the happy hand knitter. With easy knits, knits for babies and kids, men's and women's designs, as well as fun knits and crochet books, we are proud to carry an extensive range at Black Sheep Wools. With extremely low prices as well, it really is the perfect time to get knitting with Sirdar.