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Search Press Patterns

With the rise of knitting over recent years, the demand for materials has grown incredibly. Much the same is true of patterns, which are always needed to inspire. The very best designers and brands across the UK offer excellent collections, with Search Press knitting pattern books being a great example of this.

Search Press knitting pattern books are a breath of fresh air in many ways, introducing many new and exciting projects to the world of knitting. Most of all though, they are great fun. There are designs for dolls, treats, sweets and fast food, for example. Other collections bring together a whole host of novelty items too.

A great example of just how much fun Search Press pattern books can be is no better demonstrated than with the Knitted Aliens Book. As the name suggests, this is a collection of great designs of weird and wonderful imagined aliens. Created by designer Fiona McDonald, it is a great collection for kids to start with.

For another wonderful example of Search Press knitting pattern books, you need look no further than the Knitted Cakes Book. With 20 designs from Susan Penny, it is possible to knit anything from a gateaux to a fruit tart.

Search Press pattern books which cover more mainstream items can also be found, such as the Knitted Beanies book. Created by Susie Johns, this is a fresh collection of fitted hats that are suited to the entire family. Great fun to make and great fun to wear, there is something to suit all tastes here.

At Black Sheep Wools, we have a great range of Search Press pattern books, each of which is sensibly priced, starting from less than £5. With the kits being ideal for kids to have fun with knitting, or anyone just taking up the hobby, it is no surprise they are so popular.