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Katia Patterns

For any knitter, there are certain essentials that are always needed. Whilst it is unlikely that any yarn or needles will run out, all too often there seems to be a lack of patterns. Fortunately, top brands release collections regularly. Katia knitting pattern books, for example, are ideal for those looking for young and trendy designs.

As fans of Katia will know, there is very much a spirit of Spain in the designs, which simply seems to lend even greater elegance. The Katia knitting pattern books are sensibly laid out and arranged too, making them just as much fun for relative newbies to have a go at, as well as more experienced hands.

Bringing over sixty years of experience to the craft, there is a sensible yet fun element to Katia designs too. There is no little lack of innovation either, as new techniques and new qualities are introduced regularly through the seasons.

This is perfectly showcased in the excellent Katia Elegance range of books. These use some favoured yarns from the brand, such as Bolivia, Grace, Illusion and Kiss. For something with a bit more attitude and more daring cuts and features, the Sport range is excellent too, and also shows just how versatile many types of wool can be.

Katia is also a great brand for the kids, and there are some excellent collections of charts to really dress babies and younger kids well. They are regularly produced through the year and with many traditional patterns coming in for a trendy overhaul, are certainly worth checking out.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we are proud to offer our customers Katia knitting pattern books at excellent prices, meaning they also make fantastic yet affordable gifts. Not only do we have great products at low prices, we use a wealth of knitting experience to provide guidance when needed.