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Jaeger Knitting Patterns

As well as all the different sizes of needles and different types of wools that are needed for knitting projects that range from something an absolute beginner would try to something a seasoned pro would turn out, it is good to have a wide selection of patterns to work from. With all the top brands having their own collections though, this is simple for novices, intermediates and experts in the craft. With Jaeger knitting pattern books, there is also great quality.

Bringing an elegance and grace to knitting which few designers or brands can match are Jaeger pattern books. There are some simply stunning collections provided, enabling women of all ages and styles to knit themselves some wonderful designs.

Jaeger knitting pattern books can no better be typified than with the simply titled Jaeger Book. Containing a total of 17 designs by leading knitwear designer Louisa Harding, enthusiasts can create classic sweaters, which have been given a tailored shape and exquisite yet simple detailing.

Another great example of Jaeger pattern books is the Jaeger Handknits collection, with 16 designer garments and the FFF Knitting Collection 2. With great designs using different stitch techniques, knitters of all levels will be able to get on really well with the patterns, and work to improve their knowledge.

As well as making excellent Jaeger knitting pattern books, the company also produces a regular magazine. The Jaeger Magazine Nine is a collection for classic yarns from the brand. With 20 designs for men and women, it is a fantastic book to add to any collection.

Priced from just £3.99, and not being more expensive that £7, at Black Sheep Wools we bring these excellent Jaeger pattern books well within the reach of all knitters, and are delighted to do so. Whether buying for yourself, or for a friend, the designs will always be referred back to.