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Designer Yarns Patterns

When it comes to the great hobby of knitting, ensuring you have the basics in place is essential. Having taken care of the needles and the yarns though, it is important to have a good set of patterns to work on. With so many top brands, there is a wide range of choices to help. Bringing together the best of the knitting world, Designer Yarns knitting pattern books are a great place to start.

Over the last ten years, Designer Yarns pattern books have brought the likes of Debbie Bliss, Noro, Louisa Harding and Mirasol together. This has allowed knitters of all skill levels to really get to grips with quality designs for all the family, and the home.

Designer Yarns, or DY, also has a unique assortment, the DY Collection, which uses high quality virgin wool. The DY Choice Rumba Tweed Book is a great example of Designer Yarns knitting pattern books. Providing patterns for a Bag, Scarf, Cushion and Mitts, some great colours can really be achieved with the projects.

There are also some great Designer Yarns pattern books for kids. A great one to take a look at is the Ella Rae (Jester) Book. Containing a great selection of eight designs, some great fun clothes and accessories can be made for children from six months-old, through to five years-old.

The clothes that can be knitted in the designs include a hat, scarf and vest. Accessories that this example of Designer Yarns knitting pattern books contains include a cushion, blanket and bag. Using Jest yarn, it is a vibrant, fun and playful collection to make and to be worn.

We are proud to stock Designer Yarns pattern books here at Black Sheep Wools, and are even prouder to do so at an excellent price range.