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Araucania Books

There are certain things that become essential for any knitter to have in their collection, such as needles, yarn and patterns. Fortunately, all of the top brands provide great examples of all of these, with their pattern collection books bringing everything together very well. Araucania knitting pattern books are an excellent example of this.

Taking cues from ancient Chilean cultures, the yarns of Araucania are beautiful, and create some stunning collections. With Araucania pattern books, you also know you are getting a superb quality of design, with a great deal of time going into making sure each design is simple and effective – producing the best results.

Araucania knitting pattern books are also contributed to by well-known designers in the knitting world, ensuring the collections are suitable for people of all skill levels. Designers with patterns published by Araucania include Jane Ellison, Cornelia Hamilton, Jean Moss and Jenny Watson.

Great Araucania pattern books include the Botany Lace 2 Book, featuring six designs using Botany Lace yarn. Jenny Watson brings her trendy elegance to the Araucania stable too, with her excellent Lenga collection. There are another six designs for women in this collection, each perfectly executed.

There are designs for many different items of clothing, including scarves, jumpers, cardigans and sweaters. As well as Botany Lace and Lenga yarns being used, other great wools to look out for in the Araucania knitting pattern books include Puelo, which offers a great range of different colours, and Maipo, which is also brightly coloured.

Here at Black Sheep Wools, we are proud to stock a great range of Araucania pattern books. With the books priced at less than £5, we are also delighted to offer great value. For any knitter's pattern collection, for themselves or friends, they make a great addition.