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Knitting Books

As much as wools, yarns, needles and love are needed for knitting, so too are patterns and designs. However, the challenge to find that one particular design from a favourite brand can become a little annoying. Fortunately, knitting pattern books often gather many of the most popular designs together.

Many of the best knitting pattern books are entirely committed to one particular brand too, making fans of a particular style very happy indeed. For example, the always-popular Sirdar has nearly 100 dedicated books. Many are themed, whilst others focus on a particular season of the year.

Other brands are also eager to offer many of their most popular and creative designs together in one handy book. Collections to look out for include Debbie Bliss, Patons and SMC, though in truth, this is just a very small collection of what is available.

Many designers and fashion houses have also released their own pattern books. For example, Jaeger has its own collection, as do renowned knitting designers Kim Hargreaves, Martin Storey and Sarah Hatton.

Such is the breadth of books on offer, any trend and style can be produced. Each design can also be created in a stunning variety of wools, from the chunky and aran weights for warming clothes, to the more lighter yarsn such as Dk & 4ply.

There is also something very comforting and pleasing about having a good selection of knit design books. Not only are they there to constantly rely on, but they also look great presented on shelves or in a knitting snug. As gifts too, they are ideal.

Whether buying knitting pattern books as gifts, or simply as personal purchases, there really are some excellent ones to look out for. At Black Sheep Wools, we strive to offer the very best available at the lowest possible prices.