A visit from Winwick Mum

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We were very excited when blogger Winwick Mum emailed to say she had something important to share; something that she wanted to tell us / show us in person. Whatever could it be? Well, Christine aka Winwick Mum has been beavering away creating her very own, self-published book all about sock knitting. We all know Christine absolutely loves knitting socks and with her recent sock-a-long, she has encouraged many new sock knitters to flourish and enjoy making not one, but two socks! Christine also joined us for Love Your Yarn Shop Day back in May offering a help in hand to sock knitting newbies on the day.

yarn shop day sock knitting

To celebrate Christine’s very first book being released ‘Super Socks’ – a step by step guide on how to knit socks, complete with very helpful photographs, Christine will be doing a book signing on Saturday 5th September from 11am – 1pm.

super socks by Christine Perry

Then on Wednesday 16th September Christine will be holding a sock clinic in the Craft Barn from 11am – 1pm. Pop along if you are struggling to get started or if you need a little advice on how to do Kitchener stitch. Christine will be here to help with all of your sock related problems. If you already love knitting socks or you have taken part in Winwick Mum’s Sock-a-long why not join Christine for a cuppa and meet fellow sock knitters.

Winwick Mum Sockalong Progress

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About a month ago the Winwick Mum sock along began, I joined a week later and I am still going!! It has been a slow process, not because it is particularly difficult just life keeps getting in the way!

You can read about my preparation pre sockalong here. I had chosen to use a long circular, as advised by Christine I cast on and knitted a couple of rows on DPNs, then changed to a circular…it took me a while to figure out the magic loop, once you get the hang of it it is pretty easy, but a bit fiddly and you are only working on half of you stitches at a time so can’t get too much momentum going as you have to keep feeding the cable through. I used the metal novas and I must say I really like them, they are very smooth and the yarn just slides off.


I decided to make my socks a little shorter in the leg (and I just wanted to get onto the heal!) the heal flap was very easy and knitted up pretty quick. Onto turning the heal, this is where I struggled and had to ask the Facebook group for help. I had picked up my stitches but then couldn’t figure out how to knit across the front of the foot as these stitches were in the centre of my cable!! Luckily several people were able to point me in the right direction and I was soon on way again. I did get a bit mixed up on the first couple of rounds as I put in too many markers! But I persevered and worked through the pattern and got back on track. I am currently finishing my foot and should hopefully soon be up to the toes and have a finished sock. I just need to make the second one so I have a pair.


I think for my second sock I will be trying a short circular instead to see if I prefer this, I am hoping my tension won’t differ too much.

I am not sure if I am a sock convert but I do love all the different sock yarns and we have just had a delivery of some gorgeous pink Botany Lace, so I may just knit some more in the future.

winwick mum sockalong

Winwick Mum Sockalong – Preparation

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I’ve always fancied making socks but am put off having to make two!!

I almost participated in the Stylecraft CAL, however when I saw the finished design if I’m completely honest I didn’t love it…I am new to crochet and felt that I couldn’t perceivere with something which I didn’t absolutely love. So that was that. Then Winwick Mum announced her Sock Along…and I decided that would be a great project 🙂

The sock along is due to start on the 3rd May (unfortunately, well maybe not! I am off on holiday that day, so I am going to have to play catch up when I get home a week later).

So far we have had information on choosing your yarn, needles, the dreaded tension square, matching yarn and accessories.

I am lucky enough to be able to chat with Winwick Mum as she is very local to us and pops in to see us now and again. So I had a chat with her recently and she was telling me about how important it is to knit the tension square otherwise your socks might not fit…there is nothing worse than spending all that time and effort and it not fitting!

So I have chosen my yarn, I have gone for the Regia 4ply Color, I had a few shades but narrowed it done to the Pink and Orange shade (Papagei – 7203) – it will hopefully knit up with a nice fairisle effect. For the needles, on the advice of Winwick Mum I have gone for the KnitPro Nova fixed circular, these needles are metal and look like they will be very smooth to use.


Lovely Shades of Regia 4ply


Papagei Color – 7203

Next up is my tension square…I used Winwick Mums technique where you only do knit rows; first knit a row and then rather than turning your work, leave a long thread and go back to the beginning of the row and knit the row again.


tension3 I have decided that I am not going to match my yarn on this project, it looks rather complicated and I am not too fussed if the pattern does not match…maybe I’ll do that on my next pair.

I can’t wait to get started, check back in a few weeks to see how I am getting on.

Is anyone else joining in with the sockalong, we would love to see your progress.