Knitting a ZickZack Scarf

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When Black Sheep Sara started knitting a ZickZack scarf earlier this year, she caused quite a stir on our Black Sheep Make-A-Long Facebook page. Sara had spotted this stylish scarf on a friends Instagram post and just had to cast it on the needles herself. Straight away she knew which yarn she fancied trying out on this zig zag striped scarf design. It had to be Stylecraft Head Over Heels All Stars yarn. Sara chose the shades Red Pots and Splash, quite the contrasting colour combination, but when knitted together they work beautifully.

Knitting a ZickZack scarf in Stylecraft Head Over Heels All Stars | Black Sheep Wools

The ZickZack scarf pattern is designed by Christy Kamm and is available free from Ravelry. It was published on Ravelry in 2014 so it has been around for many years and you could well be reading this having knitted one or two yourself.

Sara enjoyed knitting her ZickZack scarf and found the pattern really easy to follow. It was a great project to pick up and just know what comes next without having to concentrate too much. Watch Sara talking about knitting the scarf in the video below.

We shared a photo of Sara’s ZickZack scarf on our newsletter and Sara got lots of great comments from everyone. It wasn’t long before many knitters in our Facebook group had cast on too. Many people are half way through their ZickZack scarf, but we asked if anyone wanted to share a photo for this blog post. Take a look at how different this scarf can look when you combine varying stripey or plain yarns together.

ZickZack Scarf | Black Sheep Wools

Sara’s ZickZack scarf in Red Pots and Splash.

ZickZack scarf | BlackSheep Wools

Brenda – Stylecraft Head Over Heels All Stars – Worldgate & Saltaire.

ZickZack scarf | Black Sheep Wools

Jean – Fyberspates – Peach Bellini and Peak District yarn for the contrast.

ZickZack scarf | Black Sheep Wools

Jean – Stylecraft Head Over Heels – Red Pots and another shade which Jean didn’t keep the ball band.

Knitting a ZickZack scarf | Black Sheep Wools

Karen – Sirdar Baby Crofter 4ply.

Knitting a ZickZack scarf | Black Sheep Wools

Brenda – second scarf in Stylecraft Head Over Heels All Stars – Pool and Ossie.

Knitting a ZickZack scarf | Black Sheep Wools

Rosa – Sirdar Heart & Sole 4ply – yellow/green and pink/purple.

Have you knitted a ZickZack scarf? What yarns did you use?

Yvonne’s Fringed Scarf – Free Pattern

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Yvonne has designed a pretty scarf pattern in Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton Dk. This is a versatile little piece that you can wear in a variety of different ways. We thought of three different ways and took a photograph, can you think of anymore?

Fringed scarf 3 ways

It’s the type of scarf that’s small enough to pop in your bag on an autumn day, ready to bring out to keep away a chill. The design is slightly curved as you can see in the diagram below, finished off with a delicate short fringe. How about purchasing an extra ball and making your fringe extra-long?


Without further ado, here is the pattern just for you!

Yvonne’s Fringed Scarf Pattern


  • 2 balls Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton Dk
  • x1 10mm knitting needle
  • 1 pair of 4.5mm knitting needles
  • Stitch holder


K – Knit
P – Purl
Twist – Purl 1, *miss next stitch, p into 2nd stitch, then p into 1st missed stitch*. Rep from*to* along the row, ending with p1.
RS – Right side


Pattern consists of 4 rows as follows –
Row 1: On 10mm needles knit.
Row 2: On 4.5mm needles. P1, *twist 1* repeat * to * to the last st, p1.
Row 3&4: On 4.5mm needles knit.
NOTE Only row 1 uses 10mm needle.

Using 4.5mm needle cast on 1st.
Work 4 rows, k, inc in each st (8sts)
Commence pattern increasing 1st at each end of every 3rd & 4th row, until 72st, ending with row 4 of pattern.
(With RS facing pattern row 1) k 36sts, place the remainder of stitches on a stitch holder, turn.
These 36sts will create the right side of scarf.
Continue in pattern, dec 2sts at the centre edge by k2tog twice, whilst inc 1st at the outer edge on row 3 & 4, until 3st remain, cast off.
Left side – place remaining 36sts on a 4.5mm needle.
Starting from centre RS facing, commence row 1 of pattern (10mm needle).
Follow pattern for right side, dec 2st at centre edge whilst inc 1st at outer edge on pattern row 3 & 4.
Add fringe to outside edge, approx 2” in length.

Learning to knit…..

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Working in a yarn shop (not just any yarn shop – The Black Sheep Craft Barn) and being surrounded by scrumptious yarns full of colour & texture, does make the temptation of learning to knit pretty much inevitable. Seeing all of the beautiful things that can be made from a simple ball of yarn makes it hard to resist. Emily who is one of the younger members of staff here at Black Sheep Wools started working in the Craft Barn back in August this year. Having never knitted before Catherine (Craft Barn manager) soon had Emily trying out the knitting needles. With the basics now under her belt Emily attended the Rowan Learn to knit workshop here at the Craft Barn in October. Enjoying the workshop so much and feeling confident of her new skills Emily bought yarn to make not one project, but two – a scarf and a jumper. The jumper is well under way and Emily is really pleased with how it is progressing.

Not only had she been knitting the jumper, Emily had been knitting her scarf too. This morning she came in wearing the finished scarf. We were all admiring it, such a gorgeous scarf that has been knitted perfectly. You would find it hard to believe this had been knitted by a complete knitting newbie. Watch out for Emily’s jumper coming soon!


Knitted using – 10mm needles and 4 hanks of a delicious winter berry shade of Debbie Bliss Paloma. Emily cast on 18 stitches and knitted as follows – knit 1, yarn forward, purl 2 together, yarn forward, purl 2 together (continued throughout), reaching the final stitch with a yarn forward and knit 1. This is the pattern she followed for every row.


Scarves & Shawls

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Shawls and scarves are the accessories to make for winter. Once the cold weather hits you instantly want to be toasty and snug. Winter woollies are always a pleasure to make, as you can wear them straight away. Go plain, stripey, patterned or textured, just let your creative juices flow! Wear a scarf to wrap up warm in the day and an elegant shawl to keep off the chill for an evening out. Both items can be made in no time at all, whether you choose to knit or crochet. In the past few weeks inspiration has come in many guises from both staff and customers.

Snoods are a popular choice. Stacey has already made a couple in Patons Fab Big Colour. I have seen her walking around the Craft Barn in 2 different versions. A simple pattern that can be knitted up in one evening on super chunky needles fit for this super chunky yarn. The pattern instructions are all included on the ball band, which helps greatly saving time routing around for a particular stitch. I have also made a snood recently in Rowan Sweet Harmony. I fell in love with the chunky hanks and just had to make something with them. It has been around my neck pretty much every day since.


Chris, who attends the Tuesday meeting of Yarn in the Barn, has knitted a lovely ‘Hitchhiker scarf‘ in Regia Lace. This pattern is available to download on Ravelry. I was fascinated by the swirly nature of the design, with a combination of increasing and decreasing stitches knitted in garter stitch a delicate scarf is created.


Later in the week a lady called Anne – Marie popped in store wearing a similar scarf. This one is also a Ravelry download, called ‘Wingspan‘, a deeper design with prominent points. This has been knitted in a juicy shade of Araucania Puelo. Anne – Marie has added jewel like drops and a brooch to finish.



Catherine is making many of her Christmas gifts this year (I won’t mention any names in case recipients are reading this!) including an elegant, crocheted shawl in Sirdar Ella Dk. This is a beautiful wrap for any season.


Jacky, who is a regular at Yarn in the Barn, is making a crocheted shawl in Rico Creative Reflection. It’s looking good up to now!


Finally to a cowl, Sara got chatting to a lady called Gillian at the Knitting & Stitching show in Harrogate. Gillian was wearing her own version of Juliet Bernard’s Louisa Harding Amitola cowl, opting for a rich, rainbow shade of Amitola.



Stylecraft Swift Knit Snood

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A fantastic free pattern for you to download by Catherine Myhill who is the manager here at the Black Sheep Craft Barn. She did make the snood with one of her sons in mind, giving the pattern the title of men’s snood. However this would also be a lovely snood for a woman too. Snood’s seem to be very popular here amongst Black Sheep staff and I have also spotted a huge selection on the high street.

This pattern is really easy to do and would be a nice idea for a cosy Christmas gift. As the yarn is a super chunky it will knit up in no time. Sam who works here in the warehouse was kind enough to model the snood for a quick photograph.

Stylecraft Swift Knit Super Chunky is £3.59 a ball and comes in 8 different shades.

Rico Creative Reflection

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Rico Creative Reflection is a yarn that we were all already too excited about before it even arrived here at Black Sheep Wools HQ. Sample balls of each shade had been floating around for a while, so many an idea for potential projects had been considered. Once the yarn arrived along with 6 pattern leaflets the project decisions had been made for us, well apart from deciphering between the various designs. It had to be one of these. The yarn is multi – tonal with a metallic thread running through. Up to now two finished projects have been completed.

Catherine has knitted the pom pom scarf using shade – blackberry 002, following pattern 138. This leaflet contains 4 varying scarf designs.  

Stacey has knitted a lacy wrap in shade – forest 005, following pattern 140. A little different to the other shades with a gold metallic thread as opposed to silver. The great thing is you don’t need that many balls. For example this wrap takes just 3 balls to make.

Rico Creative Reflection is available to order on line now for £2.99 a ball.

Yarn Review – Katia Bossa Nova

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Kirsten is new to knitting and since starting work here at the Black Sheep surrounded by all of the oh so irresistible yarns everyday she has eventually given in to the temptation. She has chosen to start off with a scarf yarn, the Katia Bossa Nova. Here is her review…………

“I really enjoyed my first attempt at knitting. I found the Bossa Nova quite therapeutic to knit with and I would definitely recommend it to other beginners. In fact I am thinking about having a knit a scarf party for my friends, in an evening you could make a scarf. The sense of achievement and actually having something you can wear so quickly is great. The only other thing I have ever knitted was a dish cloth when I was 10 years old.

It was a good to start off with something simple like the Bossa Nova. For my next project I fancy trying something a bit different, possibly using a yarn with a bit of sparkle.”

Sirdar Aruba Now in Stock

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Sirdar Aruba has just arrived in stock here at the Black Sheep. This is the new scarf yarn that I mentioned seeing at Sirdar in last weeks blog post. There are 8 gorgeous shades to choose from including the two shown below Bahama and Mosaic. The Aruba is only £6.48 a ball and one ball knits one scarf. There will be an easy to follow instructional video up on our website later today.

NEW Katia Azahar yarn

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We have just added this gorgeous new yarn from Katia called Azahar to our website. The yarn is very versatile and can be knitted / crocheted in many different and creative ways. Katia have made easy to follow instructional videos to help you out. They are available to view on their website. Click here to take a look.

The ruffle scarf pattern only takes one hank to knit using 4.5mm needles. The yarn can also be used as a trim and crocheted within a garment. Take a look at some of the patterns in Katia Elegance book No.70.

Katia Rocio BACK IN STOCK!!

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Katia Rocio has just arrived back in stock. Priced at only £6.99 a ball. Buy it now while stocks last. Click here!