Cable Wrist Warmers – Free pattern

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Happy New Year everyone! With winter very much set in place for the next couple of months here in the UK, we have got to thinking about cosy winter accessories. Hats, snoods, scarves and mittens all spring to mind, knitted in warm and woolly yarns to keep you snug during the cold months.

Yvonne has been getting creative with cables. Her knitting needles haven’t stopped of late; the ideas have just kept on flowing. That is in between making an amazing jumper here and a teepee there. Take a look at our staff projects blog post for photos. A pair of snuggly wrist warmers are a nice project to make whilst the weather is still cold and you are waiting patiently for new spring / summer yarns to arrive.

cable wrist warmers - free pattern

Cable Wrist Warmers

You Will Need

  • 2 balls Noro Kama
  • 1 pair 5.5mm knitting needles
  • Stitch holder
  • Cable needle


C4B – slip next 2st onto CN to back of work, knit next 2st, knit 2st from CN
C4F – slip next 2st onto CN to front of work, knit next 2st, knit 2st from CN
T3B – slip next st onto CN to back of work, knit next 2st, P1 from CN
T3F – slip next 2st onto CN to front of work, P1 knit 2st from CN

Moss stRow 1 K1, P1
                 Row 2 P1, K1

This st pattern forms moss st. Use for complete rows or stitches as stated.


Cast on 30sts.

Row 1 – 4 Moss st
Row 5 & 6 Moss st increase 1 stitch at each end of rows
Row 7 P2 *K2, P2* rep *to* to end
Row 8 K2 *P2, K2* rep *to* to end
Row 9 P1, T3B, P2 *T3F, T3B, P2* rep *to* to last 5st, T3F, P1
Row 10 K1, P2, K4 *P4, K2* rep *to* to last 3st, P2, K1
Row 11 P1, K2, P4 *C4F, P4* rep *to* to last 3st, K2, P1
Row 12 K1, P2 *K4, P4* rep *to* to last 3st, P2, K1
Row 13 P1, T3F, P2 *T3B, T3F, P2* rep *to* to last 3st, T3B, P1
Row 14 K2 *P2, K2* rep *to* to end
Row 15 P2, T3F *T3B, T3F, P2* rep *to* to end
Row 16 K3, P4 * K4, P4* to last 3st, K3
Row 17 P3 *C4B, P4* rep *to* to last 3st, put these on a stitch holder, cast on 3st
Row 18 K3 *P4, K4* rep *to* to last 3st put these on a stitch holder, cast on 3st
Row 19 P2 *T3B, T3F, P2* rep *to* to end
Row 20 *K2, P2* rep *to* to end
Row 21 – 28 As row 9 – 16
Row 29 P3 *C4B, P4* rep *to* to last 3st, P3
Row 30 K3 *P4, K4* rep *to* to last 3st, K3
Row 31 As row 19
Row 32 As row 20
Row 33 – 37 Moss st

Cast off in moss st


RS facing, pick up 3st from cast on, 3st from both stitch holders, 3st from cast on = 12sts

Row 1 – 9 Moss st

Cast off in moss st

New Year Projects Completed

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We are now well into January and most members of staff have got the usual thoughts of completing those pesky WIP’s (Works In Progress). We all have at least one, or maybe five, ones we can think of at least. That’s before you have opened every cupboard, drawer or shelf in the house, where you are greeted with the forgotten knits. A little bit like some sort of pre-historic fossil, you know the projects! Many of these weren’t actually WIP’s, so if we all do have at least one WIP then watch space for more projects to follow soon.

I was very pleased to finish knitting a pair of snuggly bow slippers from Cute Little Knits by Jem Weston. They weren’t a WIP as such; they were actually an in between project so to speak. I am knitting a big cable jumper, which is quite fiddly and also leaves my arms aching. I try to knit only a few rows at a time and make sure I have a break for a stretch. This is what got me onto the idea of a smaller project that I could knit up quickly. Well, not so quickly in the end, but I was determined to finish them in time for Christmas. Which I managed with a day to spare!

cute little knits slippers

Yvonne has knitted a hooded jacket for her grandson in Noro Janome. The toggled buttons tone in nicely with the multi shaded Janome.

noro janome

Sara has knitted a Jeweled Cowl from Ravelry in Araucania Botany Lace, complete with Debbie Abrahams beads.


Barbara has made this huge bag in Nel Whatmore Merry Go Round fabrics. The bag is called a ‘storage patchwork basket’ on the Coats Make It website, we think it would make a fabulous beach bag or even a good place to house your stash and those many WIP’s 😉

storage basket make it

Have you completed any projects recently? We would love to see them and share with everyone here on the blog. Email any photos in to

Noro Hanabatake Cardigan – #TryitTuesday

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We have a newcomer for #tryitTuesday today. Beth is our young apprentice in the Craft Barn who loves all things crochet. When I popped in the shop to find any willing volunteers for trying on she was happy enough to join in.

The cardigan is knitted in one of the new yarns from Noro for autumn winter – Noro Hanabatake, a lovely and soft blend of wool, silk and mohair. The pattern is featured in the Noro book – Love Letter. The ladies all looked fab in the bright colour palette, something which we have come to associate with the Noro brand.


Here is Beth trying on the cardigan. The cables add an effective depth to the self striping yarn.


Stacey liked the longer length sleeves and was impressed with how soft the garment felt.


And finally Jayne, always with a smile on her face working away in the tea shop.

Noro Entrelac Scarf

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Last week I popped into the Craft Barn to find a lady called Mara knitting away on the sofa. It is great to see someone being creative, I always have to be nosy and ask what they are doing! She was knitting an entrelac scarf using Noro yarn. When I saw her knitting away I remembered speaking to her previously when she was knitting an entrelac scarf very similar to this one back in May last year. It turns out she has now knitted the same scarf 2 times – well it will be 3 times when this one is complete. Mara said that since she finished the original scarf last year it proved so popular with her friends and work colleagues they snapped them up instantly.  Mara is hoping she will actually be able to keep this one for herself this time. I guess this is what happens when you make such a lovely scarf.


Mara entrelac scarf

A few days later Mara sent in a photograph of her completed scarf. It will look great with any jacket or coat. I do hope she gets to keep this one, I definitely wouldn’t want to part with it!

Mara's scarf!


Entrelac in Noro Silk Garden Chunky

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A Craft Barn customer (Mara) brought in the beginning of what is going to be a beautiful scarf to show us. Mara has knitted the scarf in an entrelac design following a pattern from Ravelry. She was in the Craft Barn buying a couple more balls. The Noro Silk Garden Chunky yarn is perfect for Entrelac knitting with the variegated shades. The shade she has used is shade 08.

I felt it was only fair to share……….

A few weeks ago now you might recall Catherine’s Riot dk yarn review blog post with her knitted entrelac piece. Catherine has now written a ‘Guide to Entrelac‘ which is available to download now from the Black Sheep website click here to take a look.