Mermaid Tails

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Mermaid tails are a must have item at the moment, especially the knitted kind. Since Yvonne created the free mermaid tail pattern there must have been many a mermaid tail knitted all over the world. When you have made something that you are really proud of it is always nice to share. I enjoy receiving emails off happy customers sending in a photo of their mermaid tails, it’s exciting to see what colour combinations people have chosen and who they have been knitting for. Please feel free to share away on social media too, we have had some brilliant examples of mermaid tails posted on Facebook recently, including this photo Julie posted of her husband modelling the mermaid tail in full costume. This one made us giggle!

julie husband - mermaid tails

Julie knitted the tail in the original Stylecraft Special Chunky colourway which can be purchased as a colour pack.

bobbie's mermaid tail

Bobbie opted for a purple shade for her mermaid tail.

georgina's mermaid tail

Georgina chose two contrasting pink shades of Stylecraft Special Chunky and the silver shade of King Cole Cosmos.


A different Julie this time has knitted two tails in multi coloured yarns. This creates an interesting effect and adds to the underwater colours.


Lee also got her husband to model the blanket; he looks quite content in this pink number.


Susan has knitted her mermaid tail in the original colourway.


Jackie looks cosy in her mermaid tail, perfect for keeping your toes toasty in the winter.


Finally, Louise made this mermaid tail blanket, for her friends daughter in a purple colour combination. She looks so pleased with the blanket and the matching doll. Louise has made this doll using the same stitch pattern as in the original design, such a creative idea.

I am looking to gather shark blankets for the next blog post, so if you have knitted a shark blanket and would like to share your creation please email photos to


Knitted Shark Blanket

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We have a bit of an under the sea theme going on at the moment here at Black Sheep Wools. The knitted mermaid tail pattern has been a huge success and it is amazing to see the number of tails you have all made. When Yvonne initially designed the pattern, she wanted to help out a couple of regular Craft Barn customers who couldn’t fathom the crochet versions out there. To Yvonne it was a challenge that she was excited to accept. Continuing with an under the sea theme, Janet has gone on to design a fabulous shark blanket in Stylecraft Special Chunky.

A lovely design with easy to follow instructions, beginning with the shark head and working your way down to the tail. Janet is a super talented knitter who has so much patience when it comes to sorting out any knitting disaster. Her attention to detail is impeccable and all of the hand knitted garments she makes are always finished to perfection.

knitted shark blanket

knitted shark blanket

A close up of his teeth, all knitted as one piece.

knitted shark blanket

Sara’s daughter Madeleine happily modelled the blanket when she popped into the Craft Barn one afternoon. The blanket measures 125cm from nose to tail and measures 40cm wide when blanket is closed, perfect to snuggle up in whilst watching TV.

The blanket is only available to purchase as a shark kit, which includes yarn and a pattern exclusive to Black Sheep Wools.

knitted shark blanket

A customer called Kim posted a funny photo of her husband being ‘eaten’ by the shark on our Facebook page. Not the way we would advise to wear the blanket, but something to make you giggle.

kim's knitted shark blanket

If you have made a knitted mermaid or knitted shark blanket please send in a pic to I am currently gathering them together for a bumper blog post.

What have you been knitting & crocheting?

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I have gathered together quite a varied selection of projects that many of you, our talented customers, have been making. These have been collected and photographed over many weeks, so if you came in the shop a couple of months ago to share your makes with us, they may well be somewhere in amongst these treats today.

A customer called Hilary brightened up a dull winter’s day with her citrus shaded crochet blanket. Hilary has used a selection of Stylecraft Special Dk yarns to make this colourful delight.


Cathy who attends Knit & Natter brought in Jane Crowfoot’s Nordnorge Fair Isle bag she has knitted in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Dk adorned with Debbie Abraham’s beads. Cathy opted for a slight variation on the shades suggested in the pattern and also chose a different bead colour.



A lady called Jane brought in a shawl knitted in Sirdar Montana Dk. The pattern is a design Jane came across on Ravlery ‘No-fuss shade loving shawl‘. The self striping effect of Montana Dk matches perfectly with the shawl design.


Susan knitted this hat for her grandson, he wore it to go and watch the new Star Wars film at the cinema. Apparently he had said it was ‘awesome’! When giving a knitted gift you couldn’t ask for much more. The pattern is a free pattern Susan found on Ravelry – The Force Awakens Hat.


Ann has got creative with Sirdar Smiley Stripes making a rainbow blanket, with a mixture of one colour yarns added in too. This looks fantastic the multi-coloured border is such a good idea. A border like this would make a nice finishing touch to a plain blanket, adding a splash of rainbow.



Sue brought in a mini mermaid tail she had knitted for her 6 month old grand-daughter. She followed Yvonne’s mermaid tail pattern exactly, using double knitting yarn rather than chunky. To make it extra special with sparkle Sue used King Cole Gltz Dk. The tail measures approximately 65cm in length.



Not only has Sue been making a mermaid tail, she has also been knitting the Rowan Shaun the Sheep blanket. Rather than using Rowan yarn Sue matched up shades in Stylecraft Special Dk.


Jane is knitting a whole host of animals for a knitted Noah’s Ark. Her grand-children will love this, all of the animals two by two. Here are the ones she brought along with her to match up whilst shopping. Jane has used a variety of textured yarns including Sirdar Funky Fox. Some of the patterns can be found in Knitted Noah’s Ark book.


Angela brought in a selection of baby knits – an all in one suit in James C Brett Flutterby and a teddy bear all in one suit in Sirdar Snowflake Chunky.



Last but not least Susan wearing a cardigan crocheted with two balls of James C Brett Marble Chunky. Susan made the pattern up, based on a large granny square.


Thank you to everyone who kindly shared their projects with us. If you have made anything recently with your purchases from Black Sheep Wools please email in a pic to

Mermaid Tail Knitting Pattern

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Yvonne is quite the expert when it comes to knitting, she loves a challenge and can often be found fixing many a knitting problem. Whether it is for staff or a customer, she won’t be beaten. In the shop you hear about all sorts of unusual patterns customers are knitting. The type of patterns you will discover whilst pinning away on Pinterest. Recently a lady got chatting to Yvonne about a crocheted mermaid tail she had spotted online. Yvonne’s immediate thoughts were a knitted mermaid tail. With her creative juices flowing and her knitting needles clicking Yvonne got to working on a fabulous knitted mermaid tail. Once she had finalised the stitch pattern she was off!


The tail is designed so that a child can snuggle in all the way up to under their arms. Yvonne has created the pattern so that you can adjust it accordingly for the size you require.

Lesley and Jayne have enjoyed modelling the tail for photographs. This tail measures 110cm long, with the width at the top 50cm when the tail is laid flat with back pieces together.


Here is the reverse side of the blanket with a slit to easily get in and out.


Download the PDF pattern from our free patterns page.

Mermaid Tail Knitting Pattern

By Yvonne from Black Sheep Wools

You will need

6mm, 80cm circular needle
A – 3 balls Stylecraft Special Chunky – shade 1422 (Aspen)
B – 3 balls Stylecraft Special Chunky – shade 1062 (Teal)
C – 2 balls King Cole Cosmos – shade 1100

Buy the mermaid tail yarn pack here.


K – knit
P – purl
Sl – Slip Stitch
K2tog – knit 2 stitches together
Twist yarn – Pick up yarn A and bring under yarn B before knitting the stitch

Cast on 129sts in A using 6mm circular needle.
Knit 7 rows. (knitting back and to, not in the round)

Pattern worked over 12 rows as follows –

1) K5 in A, K7 in B *sl, k7* rep *to* to last 5sts, k5 in A (using 2nd ball of yarn A). Twist yarn to prevent hole.
2) K5 in A, p7 in B *sl, p7* rep *to* to last 5sts, k5 in A.
3+4) As rows 1 & 2.
5+6) K5 in A, K yarns A+C together to last 5sts, k5 in A.
7) K5 in A, k3 in B *sl, k7* rep to last 8sts, k3 in B, k5 in A.
8) K5 in A, p3 in B *sl, p7* rep to last 8sts, p3 in B, k5 in A.
9) +10) As rows 7 & 8.
11) +12) As row 5 & 6.

You must now consider the length you require (continue in full 12 row pattern sets) until you have length required, ending in row 12.
This section = top of blanket to back of knee.

Work rows 1 – 10 from pattern.

Next row k5 in A working yarns A+C together, k2tog. *k3, k2tog, k1, k2tog* rep *to* to last 10sts, k3, k2tog. K5 in A. (99 sts)

Next row as row 12.

Continue in pattern rows 1 – 4 (K5 in between slip stitch, not k7).
Next 4 rows of pattern dec 1st at each end of each row, this will reduce border to 1st each end. (91sts)

Changing to knitting in the round.
Row 1 – 5 k and 7 – 11 k. Row 6 &12 p.

Next row as row 5 of patt to last st (sts are now on circular needle). Join by k2tog (last and 1st st) (90sts). Place a stitch marker at this point.

Next row p to maintain pattern as now working on circular needles.

Continue in patt row 1 – 12.

At this point the length can be adjusted here. Measure the length required from knee to ankle.

When length is reached we need to return to 6mm needles for the tail.


Working in A+C together.
Returning to 6mm needles starting from stitch marker.

K2, p2, rib for 22sts. P1, turn.
Increase in 1st st. Rib for a further 45sts (46sts).

Place remaining stitches on stitch holder.

Working on 46sts rib for 27 rows. Increase at each end of every row (100sts).

*Rib 50sts, place them on a stitch holder. Continue on remaining st by casting off 2st at centre rib to end.

Work 4 rows dec 1st at centre edge whilst increasing 1st at side edge (48sts).

Continue decrease 1st at centre edge whilst keeping side edge straight for 8 rows (40sts).

Cast off in rib.*

Working on 50sts from holder rep reversing shapings from *to*. This completes the back half of the tail.

Repeat all the above on 50sts on holder to complete front of tail.

Stitch tail together.


Jayne couldn’t resist having a lie down, snuggled up in the mermaid tail after a long day in the tea shop yesterday.

If you make your own tail please share photos with us either on social media or email Find a downloadable verison of the pattern on our free patterns page.