New Year Super Sale!

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We are all always on the hunt for the latest bargain and that is no exception when it comes to yarn. Here at Black Sheep Wools all of our yarns are at least 10% below RRP and that is just standard stock. Have you ever delved into our clearance section? Well, well, well, you will find some yarns with a ridiculous 59% off RRP, plus they are all of the brands you know and love. There is often the added bonus of discovering that long lost yarn, or shade, that you thought you could no longer find. It could well be sitting, waiting for you in our clearance yarns. We have everything from baby yarns such as Sirdar Baby Snowball to the textured Debbie Bliss Milano. New lines are added regularly so be sure to take a look over there when you fancy snapping up a bargain. It is our way of sharing a virtual yarn dive*, be it in individual balls. However, we do have a packets section, where you will find a limited number of various clearance yarns being sold by the packet.

*A huge pile of packets and packets of yarn. You can find this when we are retailing at the shows up and down the country.

Today we have selected 5 our favourite sale yarns. There could quite possibly be more shades in some of the yarns shown. Once they are gone, they are gone!



Sirdar Baby Speckle Dk is cotton rich baby yarn. These shades tone in so beautifully.

RRP £4.12 NOW £1.69

katia fiesta

Katia Fiesta is a fashion yarn with extra glitz.

RRP £3.30 NOW £1.49

araucania ranco

Araucania Ranco is a delightful lace weight yarn with a wool content of 25%, ideal for lightweight winter shawls. Nearly forgot to mention it comes in 100g hanks!

RRP £7.99 NOW £4.99

debbie bliss paloma

Debbie Bliss Paloma has got to be one of the most soft and squishy super chunky yarns. It is made from the softest combination of baby alpaca and merino wool.

RRP £6.99 NOW £3.99

debbie bliss rialto aran

These shades of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran are so zesty and warm. Oooo the possibilities…..

RRP £5.50 NOW £3.50

There are sooooo many more yarns in our clearance section pop on over and take a look.

Knitted Christmas Baubles

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Do you fancy knitting all of your tree decorations this year? I would imagine if you started knitting the odd decoration here and there in amongst other projects you could have a tree full of home made knits in time for decorating your tree. I have knitted these cute little baubles ready for the Black Sheep Craft Barn tree. My pattern is FREE for you to download now. The pattern is really easy to follow and knits up in just 19 rows. Click here to download.

If you do knit the baubles please feel free to send in any photographs to It would be great to see different colour variations too!

What’s in your basket?

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Take a look at the gorgeous colours of yarn in this basket. I could not resist taking a photograph of to show you. This was the basket of Bee a Craft Barn customer taking a break with a coffee. I was walking past and the beautiful shades instantly caught my eye. In particular the ball of Katia Bolivia (top of basket) a yarn which I quite fancy knitting with in the Winter months.


I got chatting to Bee who had travelled from Frodsham to visit the Craft Barn. I asked her what she has planned for this textured basket of yarns. Interestingly, rather than knitting with the yarn she plans to weave with them. It is always fascinating to know of the different ways people work with yarn. Bee had woven the waistcoat she was wearing on a loom. A considered colour palette and the combination of both fine and thick yarns creating an exciting mixture of textures, this is a really unusual yet lovely garment.

Here is a close up – you can see the smooth and slightly shiny with the hairy yarn. If you have maybe woven with your Black Sheep yarns or something else unusual other than knit or crochet please email any photographs to

Yarn Review – Katia Marilyn

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The new Autumn / Winter yarns are already starting to arrive in stock here at the Black Sheep. Apparently it is still Summer, although calling this time of year Summer is questionable at the moment. As I sit here writing this the rain is continuing to pour. Maybe it could be a good time to start some of your Winter knitting.

Maria has been knitting with the Katia Marilyn yarn. This will be the first of our Autumn / Winter 2012 yarn reviews.

‘I found the yarn really easy to use. I would say it is definitely similar to many of the other scarf yarns I have knitted with previously. One thing I would say is that when you are following the pattern to make sure that you go into the top hole, so that the loose decorative strands hang downwards. There is also a right and wrong side which you be able to recognise. The yarn feels so soft and drapes beautifully once knitted up. It really didn’t take long at all to make. I have my eye on a couple of the other new scarf yarns now, both Katia Gala and Lolita. They are possible future projects.’


Katia Alabama Tunic

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This beautiful tunic top is crocheted in the Katia Alabama yarn. The pattern is featured in Katia Sport book 69 along side a  selection of other trendy patterns which is available from the Black Sheep.

This particular pattern is now available as a free download from the Katia website. Click here to take a look! There are some gorgeous shades to choose from in the Alabama yarn, priced at just £2.64 a ball. I can see this looking great over a bikini on the beach.


Yarn Review – Katia Bossa Nova

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Kirsten is new to knitting and since starting work here at the Black Sheep surrounded by all of the oh so irresistible yarns everyday she has eventually given in to the temptation. She has chosen to start off with a scarf yarn, the Katia Bossa Nova. Here is her review…………

“I really enjoyed my first attempt at knitting. I found the Bossa Nova quite therapeutic to knit with and I would definitely recommend it to other beginners. In fact I am thinking about having a knit a scarf party for my friends, in an evening you could make a scarf. The sense of achievement and actually having something you can wear so quickly is great. The only other thing I have ever knitted was a dish cloth when I was 10 years old.

It was a good to start off with something simple like the Bossa Nova. For my next project I fancy trying something a bit different, possibly using a yarn with a bit of sparkle.”

Yarn Review – Katia Azahar

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This week the Black Sheep yarn review is for Katia Azahar. Yvonne was excited about beginning her project with the Azahar (shade 52)yarn and from what she has to say about it the yarn did not disappoint…….

“This is a woven rather than a spun yarn. I found it very easy to work with and it is so versatile; whether you choose to crochet or knit. A variety of effects can be produced. I used the Azahar as the main yarn following pattern 31 as featured on the front cover of Katia Elegance No.70. I had soon completed and finished the garment in no time at all. The video tutorials on Katia’s website are really informative and useful for each of the Azahar techniques (click here to see the videos). For the crocheted sections I used a ball of dk cotton from my stash. A 4ply yarn would also work.

The thing I like most is its versatility. One technique I would like to try out in the future  is gathering the cord inside the top of the yarn to give a ruffled effect or alternatively leaving it flat. Using the yarn in this way would give a lovely finish to the cuffs and neckline of a garment. This yarn and the ideas andpatterns Katia have produced bring another dimension to knitting and crochet.”


Here are two more patterns from Katia book 70 using the Azahar in a different way.

Katia Candy Baby Knits

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We had a visit today from Les and her super cute baby grandson Finlay. He was looking very trendy in his Katia Candy matching hat and cardigan set knitted by Les (or Nana Les as she is now known!). Les knitted the cardigan and hat following a 4ply pattern.

As you can see from the photographs it has turned out really well and fits him just right. The Candy yarn is 100% cotton which is perfect for Spring / Summer time. A gorgeous blend of colours and variegated effect matches up throughout the garment.

Mother’s Day Scarf in Katia Sole

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This morning I caught one of the Black Sheep ladies doing a spot of knitting before work. It is always a hive of activity in the mornings here at the Black Sheep.

Catherine is knitting a scarf for her Mum for Mother’s day in the Katia Sole (£3.59 a ball) yarn. A lovely yarn which has a very subtle sheen, perfect for the coming Spring months.  The yarn has a finer, much wider mesh than the Katia Ondas. It is knitting up well on the 4mm needles.

The lavender shade is gorgeous don’t you think? There are some great garment patterns in the Spring / Summer Katia books using the Sole yarn, it’s interesting to see the yarn being used in a different way.

If you are knitting or stitching any gifts for Mother’s day please email any photos to I would love to see them!

Katia Rocio Scarf & Katia Irina Snood

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We’ve not had the NEW Katia yarns in stock long but the lovely ladies in the shop have already been busy knitting them up. Take a look at Les modelling her Rocio scarf knitted in shade 404.

Catherine has knitted a cosy snood in the Katia Irina yarn in shade 75. This pattern is available to download here.

Katia Irina is available to order in a fabulous range of colours take a look here priced at £14.99 a ball.

One ball of Irina can also be knitted into a scarf. Yvonne has been knitting shade 74.

If you have been knitting any of the new scarf yarns and fancy showing them off please email photos to and I will upload them to the blog.