Noro Entrelac Scarf

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Last week I popped into the Craft Barn to find a lady called Mara knitting away on the sofa. It is great to see someone being creative, I always have to be nosy and ask what they are doing! She was knitting an entrelac scarf using Noro yarn. When I saw her knitting away I remembered speaking to her previously when she was knitting an entrelac scarf very similar to this one back in May last year. It turns out she has now knitted the same scarf 2 times – well it will be 3 times when this one is complete. Mara said that since she finished the original scarf last year it proved so popular with her friends and work colleagues they snapped them up instantly.  Mara is hoping she will actually be able to keep this one for herself this time. I guess this is what happens when you make such a lovely scarf.


Mara entrelac scarf

A few days later Mara sent in a photograph of her completed scarf. It will look great with any jacket or coat. I do hope she gets to keep this one, I definitely wouldn’t want to part with it!

Mara's scarf!


Entrelac in Noro Silk Garden Chunky

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A Craft Barn customer (Mara) brought in the beginning of what is going to be a beautiful scarf to show us. Mara has knitted the scarf in an entrelac design following a pattern from Ravelry. She was in the Craft Barn buying a couple more balls. The Noro Silk Garden Chunky yarn is perfect for Entrelac knitting with the variegated shades. The shade she has used is shade 08.

I felt it was only fair to share……….

A few weeks ago now you might recall Catherine’s Riot dk yarn review blog post with her knitted entrelac piece. Catherine has now written a ‘Guide to Entrelac‘ which is available to download now from the Black Sheep website click here to take a look.

Yarn Review – King Cole Riot Dk

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Catherine has been knitting with the King Cole Riot Dk. This is one of the new yarns we have added to our website recently. Take a look at all of the shades here.

“The King Cole Riot Dk is a lovely soft yarn made up of 30% wool and 70% premium acrylic. It has to be one of the nicest long stripe yarns around at the moment. My initial thought after seeing the yarn was entrelac. After experimenting with different stitch combinations I have found it really good for entrelac knitting. The great thing about it is no tying in ends as you would usually when swapping yarns because of the continuous colour change, such fab colour combinations.

I plan on making a long throw or possibly a cushion with the grey shade (408 Domino) as a contrast to the brightly coloured shade (402 Wicked).”