Louisa Harding Pittura Sweater – #TryitTuesday

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It feels like so long ago since I shared a #tryitTuesday garment here on the blog. As soon as I took the photos of this sweater, the garment was put out on display in store. The pattern flew out along with many shades of the yarn. Now we have the Louisa Harding Pittura pattern back in stock, plus a couple of shades of yarn I wanted to share the photos for a summer #tryitTuesday.

Louisa Harding Pittura is a delicious blend of merino wool and bamboo viscose, knitted up creates a delicate lightweight fabric. Louisa’s feminine designs lend themselves perfectly to this luxurious yarn. The lace stitch detailing echoes the painterly stokes of colour used throughout. The Elderberry sweater is an elegant design, easy to wear smart or casual. I particularly like the way it has been dressed, up with a simple ribbon at the waist on the pattern photograph. Be sure to take a look at another design for Pittura – Bramble, a pretty cold shoulder top.

Louisa Harding Pittura sweater

Lesley can be seen trying on the Elderberry sweater above and Colette trying on the sweater below.


Both of our lovely Black Sheep models (Lesley and Colette) have left Black Sheep Wools for pastures new since the photos were taken, so this will be the last #tryitTuesday where you will see their bright and cheery faces. From now on I will have to seek out new volunteers, this is the point where all members of staff run and hide!

Embrace by Kim Hargreaves – #tryitTuesday

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The change of seasons is often a tricky one when it comes to knitwear. When is it time to tuck away those cosy winter knits and swop them for light and carefree cotton? These days, in the UK a waterproof yarn would probably be our best option, to help keep us dry from all the rain showers we encounter. Currently no such yarn exists in the hand knit market, so we will have to continue wearing our knits underneath a waterproof jacket. When the weather is slowly shifting from winter to spring it is nice to have that in between jumper. Easy to wear on a slightly warmer day, but also enough to keep you warm.

The knitted top we have chosen for #tryitTuesday is from Kim Hargreaves Embrace book. This could be just the top you need for the transition to spring. Knitted in the lightweight, baby alpaca blend of Rowan Lima, this yarn feels so soft against your skin.


The top is called ‘Leah’ from Embrace.

Colette went for a more casual style wearing the top slightly off the shoulder.


Lesley tried the top with a white vest underneath, also going for a slight off the shoulder look.


There are 21 designs in the Embrace book, all with a 70’s vibe. A great selection of tops, cardigans and sweaters to choose from, knitted in beautiful Rowan yarns.

DY Choice Sparklz Hat – #tryittuesday

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This week we were sent a delightful package from Designer Yarns containing a rather stylish beanie hat (shade 02), knitted in DY Choice Sparklz. With everyone enjoying trying on the hat it seemed like a good idea to take photographs for #tryitTuesday. There is no specific sizing on this one the hat pattern is designed for an average sized ladies head. However, it did fit everyone who tried it on here at HQ, even those who shied away from the camera.

The DY Choice Sparklz yarn is a self-striping yarn with that little something extra – a special stripe of glitz in amongst the variegated colours of the yarn. This stripe is different for each shade option, complementing the colour palette of each individual shade.

DY Choice Sparklz

The pattern is a free download from Designer Yarns and is available on our free patterns page. Knit it with just one ball of yarn!

DY Choice Sparklz hat - Lesley


DY Choice Sparklz hat - Barbara


DY Choice Sparklz hat - Sara


Rowan Brushed Fleece Poncho – #tryittuesday

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How fast can you knit? If the answer is super fast or you are willing to take on a challenge, this poncho from Rowan could place a big tick against someone on your Christmas list. The poncho is knitted in Rowan Brushed Fleece – a yarn that is so light and airy, with a soft fleecy texture. A huge plus point of this design is that the pattern is a free download from the Rowan website (Geometric Weave Poncho). The blocks are made up of garter stitch, so no complicated stitches to throw you.

The design is extremely versatile and can be worn in many different ways. It could quite easily double up as a very luxurious blanket too!


Stacey said that she would love to wear it nipped in at the waist with a belt. She opted to pull the poncho in tight to mimick a belt.


Colette wrapped the poncho over her shoulder for a relaxed look. A nice brooch or shawl pin wouldn’t go amiss to keep the poncho in place.


Lesley wasn’t sure which way she preferred to wear the poncho. After a few takes she went for loosely wrapped.

What do you think? Could you see yourself wearing / making this poncho? It might be the item you can’t stop wearing throughout the chilly winter days. Go on….you will have it knitted up in no time! 🙂


Sirdar Harrap Tweed Dk Cardigan – #TryitTuesday

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Sirdar Harrap Tweed Dk is a new yarn for winter 2015. The name ‘Harrap’ was chosen as this is the name of the founders of Sirdar yarns back in 1880, the Harrap brothers. It is just what you need for an autumn knit, or crochet for that matter. Sara has crocheted a beautiful blanket using Harrap Tweed. Watch this space for more on that pattern coming soon.

A warm blend of wool, nylon, acrylic and viscose, each shade is a rich tone with a tweed effect that encapsulates the tradition of the yarn perfectly. This has already proved a firm favourite with many of our customers and we imagine it will be a yarn to stay in the Sirdar collection for many years to come.

This week Jayne and Stacey have been trying on a button up cardigan knitted in Sirdar Harrap Tweed – pattern 7481. A fitted, jacket style cardigan that features a double row of buttons and a funnel neck finish. As we only have two Black Sheep models today I thought it might be nice to share the main pattern too.

sirdar harrap tweed

The sample garment we have on display in the Craft Barn featured below in #tryittuesday is knitted in ‘Simpson’ shade 100, a beautiful charcoal grey colour. This is a great colour to work with as a base colour for your outfit, it will work well with brights or pastels.

sirdar harrap tweed cardigan - Jayne

Jayne tried on the cardigan with her monochrome dress. She opted to button up the top of the cardigan.

Sirdar harrap tweed cardigan - Stacey

Stacey likes the button detail on the cardigan. It fits perfectly too!

Stylecraft Carnival Sweater – #tryittuesday

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Stylecraft Carnival Chunky is a new addition to the Black Sheep Wools yarn portfolio. We are gradually increasing our Stylecraft stock and this yarn is not one to disappoint. The yarn is 100% premium acrylic with a soft texture similar to other premium acrylic yarns in the Stylecraft range. We have 8 different kaleidoscope shades to choose from all named after a colourful carnival from around the world, with names such as Rio and Notting Hill. The pattern is 9087.

stylcraft carnival chunky

This week I was lucky to have four of our glam Black Sheep ladies ready to try on the Carnival sweater. It had lots of positive comments from customers shopping in the Craft Barn too. An easy to wear shape that will knit up in no time at all on 6mm needles.


Lesley was up first trying on the sweater with her blue blouse underneath, which works quite well, with the contrast in colour.


On to Barbra who I caught quickly whilst she was cutting fabric!


Collette liked the snuggly feel of the sweater.


Stacey already has some of the yarn clicking away on her knitting needles. She tried on the sweater layered over a long sleeve t-shirt.

Kim Hargreaves Spirit – #tryitTuesday

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I have a double #tryitTuesday to share today! The Black Sheep Wools “models” have had a busy trying on session. These gorgeous garments have kindly been sent to us by Kim Hargreaves for us to display in the Craft Barn. When Kim Hargreaves sends out display garments there is always a fun element of suprise when I open it. Although I know the parcel is on its way in the post, I don’t know what treats Kim will have packed in the parcel for us. Kim’s designs are always so beautiful and effortlessly stylish I am yet to be disappointed with the delights tucked up inside. Even when you know one of Kim Hargreaves’s garments isn’t really your style; the garment can still be admired for Kim’s impressive attention to detail and design.

The first garment from the book Spirit is a cardigan called ‘Stir’. Knitted in Rowan Panama – shade Tulip, a rich red shade of yarn that wouldn’t go amiss for a light layer in the winter months.

Spirit Kim HargreavesLesley tried on the waterfall cardigan with a black vest top.

Spirit Kim Hargreaves - Stir

Colette popped the cardigan on over her blue blouse.

Sprit Kim Hargeaves

Stacey tried on the cardigan with the second #tryitTuesday garment too. A fitted top knitted in two shades of Rowan Creative Linen, called ‘Cool’. These two pieces look good worn as one outfit.

Spirit Kim Hargreaves

Colette tried it on in the sunshine with a skirt.

Spirit Kim HargreavesAnd finally Lesley!



Sirdar Beachcomber Top – #tryittuesday

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Dreaming of the beach on a dreary ‘summer’s’ day here in Warrington – a top in Sirdar Beachcomber seemed like the most appropriate choice for our #tryittuesday garment.
The undulating texture of the yarn is reminiscent of a beach, with the colour palette echoing shades you may encounter down by the sea side. Shades of strong turquoise and blue like the sea and pebble like tones in ‘Lavender Sky’ (as seen in the photo). What colour would you choose?

The pattern can be knitted for a child too, starting from a 24″/26″ chest.

Have you knitted this pattern? If you would like to share your pic we would love to see, don’t forget #tryittuesday.

Colette popped on the knitted top with her charcoal skirt.

Tops in Sirdar Beachcomber

Lesley tried it on with a black vest top underneath. She chose to add her own slant with a slight off the shoulder look.

Sirdar Beachcomber top #tryittuesday

Finally we have Stacey, one of our fabulous Craft Barn team leaders.

Sirdar beachcomber top - #tryittuesday

Rowan Tetra Cotton Sweater – #tryittuesday

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We have just two glamorous Black Sheep Wools models today. I think everyone scarpered and found somewhere to hide beneath all of our yarn when I went on the hunt for a #tryittuesday. This week the garment of choice is a sweater knitted in Rowan Tetra Cotton yarn. This is a new addition for summer, joining the extensive collection of luxurious yarns in the Rowan range. The construction of this yarn is quite spectacular and rather unique – a chainette featuring multiple shades within the one strand. The yarn is a smooth consistency and creates a lovely soft fabric when knitted.


The design is called ‘Nilgiri’ and can be found in the accompanying pattern book by Rowan called Tetra Cotton.

Tetra Cotton Book

Lesley tried on the sweater wearing a black vest top underneath. It is a slightly shorter design, so could easily be worn layered in this way. Alternatively, it could work really well worn with a pair of trousers or a skirt with a higher waist line, to balance out the shorter length. There is also another option of adding in a little extra length when knitting. As always with handmade items the options are endless!

rowan tetra cotton sweater - Nilgiri

Colette popped the sweater on with a high waisted skirt. The blue looked lovely off-set with the charcoal grey of Colette’s skirt.

rowan tetra cotton sweater - nilgiri

Stylecraft Malabar Aran Cardigan – #tryittuesday

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It’s baaack! Try it Tuesday is here once again. It’s hard to believe that it was way back in January that we shared our last #tryittuesday post. So many scrumptious new yarns have landed on the shelves since then along with some gorgeous sample garments. Summertime seemed like a good time to revive #tryittuesday. It was just a matter of getting the trusty Black Sheep Wools models back on board to kindly strike a pose for the camera. There are three familiar faces below who didn’t take too much coaxing to try on the cardigan. Everyone commented on how lovely the purple shade of Stylecraft Malabar Aran was – Jayne didn’t want to take it off. I think she was fancying a new addition to her uniform! The Stylecraft Malabar Aran yarn is a smooth combination of silk and cotton fibres which create a knit with a good drape and nice weight to it. Find the cardigan pattern here pattern number 9140.

Jayne was impressed with the style and colour of the cardigan.

Stylecraft Malabar Aran Cardigan

Lesley tried the cardigan on with a simple black vest top. A bright colour always works well with black or white basics.

stylecraft malabar aran cardigan

Stacey was having a purple day today with her matching purle watch! You can see the eyelet detail meandering down the edge of the cardigan against the light blue shirt.

Stylecraft Malabar Aran Cardigan

Would you knit the Stylecraft Malabar Aran cardigan? Have you knitted the cadigan? We would love to see your #tryittuesday photos too. Feel free to share away on social media or email your photos to amy@blacksheepwools.com.