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If you are a regular follower of the blog you may remember me talking about Katie Agar. Throughout her final year at Winchester School of Art, we saw her final collection evolve from concept and samples to garments. During her time at university, Katie also entered a Rowan Design competition. This was a design challenge for all fashion students at Winchester. Marie Wallin (head designer at Rowan) set the brief ‘Between the Wars’. The focus to be kept on traditional stitches and the 1930’s and 1940’s era. Katie’s design using Rowan Wool Cotton and Rowan Pure Wool Dk has been chosen as one of the final six designs. She has designed a cardigan, featuring beautiful textured stitches and a patterned bodice. This pattern is now available to download for free from the Rowan website. One to add to the wish list I think.


Katie Agar Final Collection

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I was very excited to receive Katie’s latest email the other day.  I always love it when I open it to find lots of photographs of her beautiful work. As regular blog readers will know, we have been following the progress of Katie’s work throughout her final year at university. Along the way she has produced exquisite samples, featuring gorgeous colour and fantastic flair for knitwear design. Included in her email were photos from the shoot of her final collection.

Katie apologised that she has been so busy and has not had chance to write a piece for this post, but I really don’t think she needs to apologise. These pieces speak for themselves, and show the time and hard work that has gone into each and every last knitting stitch. Her final hand in is only weeks away so I can imagine how hectic everything is at the moment.

Katie had her university fashion show last week and has now been selected to show next week at the Trueman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. This sounds like a fantastic achievement (and we wish you all the best for next week Katie!).

Take a look below and her final collection. To read previous updates head over to the Katie Agar section on our categories page.




Pretty back detail.





Katie Agar Update

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Katie is currently busy putting the finishing touches to her degree show. Not many months now until her degree show. Katie has sent across a selection of samples she is currently working on, including both machine and hand knitted pieces. These pieces will go on to influence her final garment choices. I love the colour palette she has chosen to work with and there are some amazing textures created within her pieces.

Here is what Katie had to say about the samples shown below………

“The whole project is based around an appreciation for traditional crafts contrasted with modern technologies and this is linked to the film industry and it’s translation from analogue to digital/ moving image to digital movies. Therefore the knitted fabrics focus around ideas of movement and film strips etc, so there is quite a lot of linear aspects but moving the linear lines in different ways, to achieve that movement. I also created a photo shoot to make my own Eadweard Muybridge style moving images and then programmed these onto the Shima Seikki machines. I am then also doing some hand knitting and crochet to explore the more traditional methods in a modern way!”

Machine sample 1

Machine samples

More machine samples

Hand knitted samples

Katie Agar

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Katie Agar is a student in her final year at Winchester School of Art, studying Fashion Knitwear. Growing up surrounded by the craft industry through her parents’ business, she always had a passion for designing and making and her degree has allowed her to further this to become career prospects and aspirations.

Katie creates designs using hand knitting and machine knitting on Domestic, Dubied and Shima Seikki machines. She is passionate about knitwear being bold and exciting and using unusual materials that perhaps wouldn’t be normally considered within fashion. She has worked in the past with combining knitwear with plastic, leather and metal to create challenging, contemporary designs.

Going into her last term at University, this year Katie will design her final collection, consisting of 6 outfits of knitwear, to be displayed at various shows and also Graduate Fashion Week in June. The blog will be following her progress from her inspirations and designs through to the final outcomes.

The images show some of her previous work, illustrating her passion for boldness and striking designs. The white cloaked outfit was inspired by using Stevie Nicks as a muse, along with taking influence from Alfred Hitchcock films. The navy outfit took it’s inspiration from the skies of the Sahara Desert, where Katie spent time a couple of years ago, and the geometric patterns that occur naturally within the world’s landscapes.

We are hoping to follow Katie’s progress through to her degree show later this year and then wherever her career takes her beyond this stage. Keep an eye out for more blog posts soon.