More Mindful Crochet with Lynne Rowe

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Are you ready for more Mindful Crochet with Lynne Rowe? Take a look at the first instalment here. In this blog post we share the final two videos from the mindful crochet series. It was a pleasure to work with Lynne, she is so knowledgeable and passionate about her craft.

Listen to Lynne’s soothing voice as you delve deeper into the basics of crochet. Enjoy introducing a treble crochet stitch and exploring colour. Lynne is using West Yorkshire Spinners Re:Treat and an Amour crochet hook in the video. For every kilo of Re:Treat sold West Yorkshire Spinners are donating 50p to the national mental health charity MIND. The yarn was developed with well’being in mind and was the perfect yarn to use as part of our Mindful Crochet series.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning to crochet with Lynne and have begun to bring a mindful mantra to your hobby.

All crochet terms are UK terminology.

Mindful Crochet with Lynne Rowe

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We have teamed up with crochet designer and workshop tutor Lynne Rowe to bring you a series of Mindful Crochet tutorials. Join us and be Mindful in May.
Lynne is a big advocate of mindfulness, having previously worked with Betsan Corkhill on the book – Knit Yourself Calm. Lynne enjoys practicing mindful techniques alongside her knitting and crocheting. Enabling her to disconnect and really focus her mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
In the videos below you can learn to crochet whilst introducing mindful practices. Lynne has such a soothing and calm voice that you will instantly focus on her every word. The videos are an interesting watch for those who can already crochet and those who wish to learn.
Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep an eye out for part 3 and 4, coming soon!

In part 1 Lynne talks about getting to grips with holding your yarn and hook and making a chain stitch.

In part 2 Lynne begins to introduce a mindful mantra for a double crochet stitch. Focusing on your breathing and the flow of the crochet.

Lynne has two mindful workshops coming up in June at the Craft Barn in Warrington. There is Mindful Knitting on the morning of Saturday 29th June and Mindful Crochet in the afternoon.

Keep up to date with Lynne Rowe over on her blog and Instragram (the_woolnest).

Mindful Knitting and Crochet

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Mindful knitting and crochet are fantastic ways of practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is already a huge part of many people’s lives these days. Taking time to come back to the present and focus your mind away from your busy everyday life, no checking that mobile phone every 5 minutes, mindfulness can help to relieve stress and tension.
Knitting and crochet have been proven to be a tool to improve wellbeing for many years now. Betsan Corkhill, founder of Stitchlinks has written a book Knit for Health and Wellness, which is not only a great read for those who wish to practice therapeutic knitting it is also a resource for clinicians and teachers to refer to. Lynne has co-authored a book with Betsan called Knit Yourself Calm, which includes patterns and info on mindful knitting.
We invited Lynne Rowe to do a series of videos exploring the benefits or mindful knitting and crochet. Lynne chats to Sara in the two part video discussion covering techniques to try and talking about how useful she finds mindfulness. Lynne also has the most soothing voice which will relax you, add in her meditative mantra and you will be ready to try out mindful knitting or mindful crochet for yourself. I could listen to her for hours!

Watch part 1 below….

Take a look at Mindful Knitting and Crochet Part 2…….

Lynne has shared with us her ‘Beginners Guide to Mindful Knitting and Crochet’. Helpful hints and tips to get you started.

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Sit comfortably, following the guidance below.
  • Focus on the cool air as it enters your body and the warm air as it leaves; visualise your breath making you feel lighter and brighter.
  • Watch your hands as you knit or crochet; marvel at the way you turn yarn into fabric.
  • Try lighting a candle to bring calm and help alleviate tension.
  • Sit on an upright chair and push your bottom towards the chair back so you lower spine is supported.
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor and legs uncrossed with your knees slightly lower than your hips.
  • Bring your work up towards the top of your body to avoid slouching.
  • Lift your head slightly and tuck in your chin a little.
  • Imagine your head being slightly pulled by an invisible thread.
  • Don’t worry if your mind wanders; gently bring your attention back to your knitting and counting.
  • Try listening to meditative music.

Find more information from Lynne Rowe on her website –

Lynne is hosting two workshops at the Craft Barn on Saturday 29th June 2019 – Mindful Knitting Morning  and Mindful Crochet Afternoon. Book a place on our website today!

Sara crochets a Rainboom MAL

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Sara couldn’t resist picking up a playful box of Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed cutie pie mini balls when she saw the new Rainboom MAL by Miss Neriss. This project is called a Make A Long (MAL) by Scheepjes, to be a project that everyone can work on together and share their progress as they go. Share your progress in the Official Scheepjes Facebook group.
The box has recently been revamped with 8 new shades added. There are now a total of 58 mini 10g balls in the pack to enjoy. The Rainboom shawl by Miss Neriss is made using every single ball in the pack, complete with a mesmerising fringe using all of the left over pieces.

Watch Sara talking in the video below about starting the crocheted shawl.

Take a peek at the beginning of Sara’s Rainboom MAL shawl. The way the shawl is worked, going through all of the shades is just so pleasing on the eye.

Rainboom MAL by Miss Neriss | Black Sheep Wools

Sara has now completed the shawl and is chatting about her progress in the video below.

Sara’s top tip for making the fringing is to wrap the yarn around the Scheepjes box the mini balls came in. This is approximately 35cm tall and the fringe needs to be between 30cm and 40cm. It is a good way of getting all of your fringe the same length all in one go.

Rainboom MAL | Black Sheep Wools

Here it is, the finished Scheepjes Rainboom shawl by Miss Neriss. Watch Sara as she works out different ways to wear this fabulous shawl!

Take a closer look at the shawl below. It really is a rainbow of colour.

Scheepjes Rainboom MAL | Black Sheep Wools


Seashore Baby Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl

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Scheepjes Whirl comes in sooooo many incredible colour combinations. Every member of staff could probably reel off a list of about 10 favourites. If you stop and look at them for longer than a couple of minutes you just keep spotting another one, oh and another one, that you can’t resist. With the addition of new shades too, well, let’s just increase that top 10 to top 15! If you love to knit or crochet shawls then this yarn is a dream come true. There are some amazing examples out there, including patterns from Scheepjes themselves.

Seashore Baby Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl

Sara is an avid shawl maker, both knitted and crocheted. With a ball of Whirl and a crochet hook in hand she fancied trying something else, a baby blanket. Enjoying the pretty pattern created by a shell stitch Sara came up with a one ball baby blanket. We decided on the name Seashore Baby Blanket to reflect the theme of the stitch pattern. This blanket pattern is available for free when you order a ball of Scheepjes Whirl from Black Sheep Wools.
Sara talks about making the blanket and shares her new colourway Popin Candy in the video below.

With the launch of 15 new shades of Whirl you really will be spoilt for choice when crocheting this blanket. The special edition shades are called the ‘Ombre’ collection. Each shade has a gradual gradient change from dark to light. Scheepjes do pick some stunning colour ways!

Scheepjes Whirl | Ombre Collection

Take a closer look at the Seashore baby blankets, including the one Black Sheep Lucy made for her friend in Scheepjes Whirl Peppermint Patty Cake. The pattern will be included in your parcel when you order a ball Scheepjes Whirl. If you are shopping in the Craft Barn ask at the till when you are purchasing your ball of Whirl.

Have you made a Seashore baby blanket? Share your photos on social media and don’t forget to tag us in your pic or use the hashtag #blacksheepwools.

Seashore Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl

Seashore Blanket in Scheepjes Whirl

Ubuntu update – Week 4

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I am keeping on track with the Scheepjes Ubuntu CAL so far. This week I have been working on week 4. Although I couldn’t seem to get this part of the pattern at first, with a break and a clear head I was able to work it out and complete the pieces.

Ubuntu Week 4 Video

The patterns for the Ubuntu blanket are released weekly on Dedri Uys’s blog Look at what I made. If you fancy giving it a go yourself we have all 3 kits available on our website. Find them here. I am making the medium size in Scheepjes Stone Washed.


DIY Knitting and Crochet Tips

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What do all of these items have in common? They can all be there to help you out when you don’t have the correct knitting or crochet tools to hand. Sometimes you can discover that a household item that you use every day, actually lends itself to crafts more than you realise. One day it’s in the kitchen cupboard, next it is taking pride of place next to your project bag. A collection of DIY knitting and crochet tips.

DIY Knitting and Crochet Tips | Black Sheep Wools

We asked our Facebook followers – Do you ever find yourself using household items to help with your knitting and crochet? 
Along with Black Sheep staff too, there were some brilliant suggestions made. Crafters are a resouceful lot, thank you to everyone who shared their tips. It only made sense to pool all of our DIY knitting and crochet tips together in one blog post. We have probably only really scratched the surface of what super ideas you crafty lot use. If you do think of any more please comment below this post.

DIY Knitting and Crochet Tips

Highlighter tape / Post it note

Handy items from your stationary draw, highlighter tape or a post it note. These will be there for you when you are following a chart (also good for a complex row on a pattern) and want to keep track of the row you are on. Move the tape / post it up a row every time you have completed a row. So simple, yet very helpful when you are deep in concentration. A post it can also double up as somewhere to write down where you are up to on your pattern when you are putting it away for the day.

Paperclips / Safety Pins

Paperclips or safety pins can be a saviour when you just can’t put your finger on where you put that tin of beautiful stitch markers you bought. Not as pretty, but do the job in your moment of need. Another good suggestions is a scrap of contrasting yarn. We all have an old scrap of end of balls at the bottom of our project bag!

Hair Clip

This was a fab suggestion from a Facebook follower called Marie, use a hair clip to keep your ball of yarn neat and tidy. Really helpful when you are making a blanket or something that requires multiple shades of yarn being used at once. There will be no excuse for tangled yarn with this top tip.
A hair clip can also be handy for when you are transporting a project on the go. Use the clip to snap onto where you have just stopped working to help prevent any unravelling.

DIY Knitting and Crochet Tops | Black Sheep Wools

Nail Clippers

As a knitter or crocheter you will know that although sometimes you think your fingers can withstand snapping the yarn it is just not possible without nearly injuring yourself. With scissors no where in sight, but a pair of nail clippers to hand they will do the trick. Also, nail clippers are ideal to carry with you if you don’t won’t to have sharp scissors.

Bamboo Skewer

Maybe not for too many stitches, but a bamboo skewer could be helpful as a temporary stitch holder.

Plant Pot / Teapot / Colander

A yarn bowl is a great invention for your ball of yarn to bob up and down in gently rather than thrashing around your feet as you knit. Not always so dramatically, but we’ve all had a rogue ball of yarn that won’t sit still. An actual yarn bowl has been designed with a lip of holes to feed yarn through. A make shift yarn bowl can come in many guises – a plant pot, teapot – feeding the yarn through the spout or a colander – so many holes to choose from and plenty of space for a large ball of yarn.

Cocktail Stick

When you are knitting a pair of socks or rather fine needles a cocktail stick makes for a good cable needle.

Supermarket Beer / Wine Carrier

A Facebook follower called Chris, suggested a supermarket beer / wine carrier as multiple use yarn holder. When you are crocheting (or knitting) with 6 to 8 balls of centre pull yarns all at once, all of the balls can sit snuggly in the beer / wine carrier without any tangles.

Pegs and Washing Line

Black Sheep Lucy, blocks her lightweight shawls by pegging them on the washing line. With lots of pegs the weight will help to block the shawl out to your desired shape. It saves you having to find a flat area large enough to pin it out and block.

DIY Crochet and Knitting Tips



Ubuntu update – Week 3

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I have completed week 3 of the Scheepjes Ubuntu Crochet Along! Watch the video below to see how I got on. I am really enjoying making this blanket, the Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn is fabulous to crochet with. I’m making the Medium blanket, find all of the kits available on our website.

Take a look at the detail in the stitches.

Unboxing Ubuntu

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Sara takes you through each of the Scheepjes Ubuntu Crochet Along kits as she unboxes each of the three different sizes one by one. Will you choose Scheepjes Cotton 8 – Small, Scheepjes Stone Washed – Medium or Scheepjes Stone Washed XL & River Washed XL – Large?

Find out more about the Scheepjes Ubuntu CAL on a recent blog post.

Ubuntu – Scheepjes CAL 2018

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We had all been waiting excitedly for the announcement of the Scheepjes Crochet Along 2018. It was wonderful news to hear that Dedri Uys – Look at what I made blogger would be this years designer. If you are an avid crocheter you may have made / heard of her spectacular crochet along, Sophie’s Universe. Dedri creates designs that showcase crochet at its best. You will not be disappointed when you cast your eye at the images below of Dedri’s design ‘Ubuntu’ the Scheepjes CAL 2018. There are 3 different sizes of the blanket, each made in a different Scheepjes yarn. Small – Cotton 8, Medium – Stone Washed and Large – Stone Washed XL & River Washed XL.
Meet Dedri Uys at our shop, the Craft Barn on Saturday 8th September when we will be celebrating all things Scheepjes. We are hoping that she will bring along the Ubuntu blanket, so we can all have look and gaze in awe at the wonder that is this years Scheepjes CAL.

Scheepjes Ubuntu Large Blanket

Scheepjes Ubuntu – Large

The name Ubuntu means “humanity towards others” or “I am because we are”. Read Dedri’s blog post to find more information behind the decision on the name and theme.
It is interesting to see where the inspiration came from for this hexagonal design. Dedri talks in more detail in her reveal blog post.

Scheepjes Ubuntu Blanket - Medium

Scheepjes Ubuntu – Medium

The first pattern will be released on 12th September and if you can’t wait until then to get involved, we have good news. We now have all three colour packs available on pre-sale. The kits will be desptached on 22nd August, so you will be ready to get started once the first pattern is released!

Scheepjes Ubuntu Blanket - Small

Scheepjes Ubuntu – Small

If you do decide to join in with this super CAL, not only will you be able to download the pattern weekly from the Scheepjes website; you will also find helpful video tutorials being posted by It’s all in a Nutshell blog to guide you along the way.