Arm Knitting with Black Sheep Wools

Posted by Amy | Posted in Knitting Essentials | Posted on 08-02-2019



Arm knitting is a fun and extremely speedy way of knitting a supersized blanket or accessory. Once you have got the hang of it you will want to make everyone you know an arm knitted piece. That is after you have made every item you can possibly think of that can be arm knitted for yourself.

Black Sheep Stacey is a huge fan of arm knitting and has been making accessories using this technique for many years. When the Rico Creative Pom yarn arrived in stock we just knew this was an opportunity for an arm knitting demo. With one ball of this yarn you can make a small baby blanket that would be ideal for a car seat or pram. If you wanted to make a larger blanket then you would probably need 3 to 4 balls.
Another yarn that would be perfect for arm knitting is Rico Creative Cocon. Take a look and see the full shade range.

Arm Knitting

Watch the video below and learn how to cast on, basic knit stitch and casting off. Stacey takes you through slowly and you can always pause it when you need to recap.

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