Tips for following crochet charts

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A while back now, way back when days were warmer and the sun was shining (well, it was warmer than 0 to minus temperatures) in summer 2016, we held a crafternoon in the Craft Barn all about reading crochet charts. Our in house crochet expert Stacey ran the crafternoon sharing her knowledge and experience. It was great to see so many people join Stacey for an afternoon of concentration.

Tips for following crochet charts crafternoon

At the time we had planned to video Stacey’s top tips, but after some thought we decided that the best solution would be to have a trusty list of bullet points that you could always have to hand. As promised (be it a few months down the line) here are Stacey’s top tips for reading crochet charts. Stacey prefers following a chart over written instructions. They really aren’t something to be overwhelmed by, with these helpful tips you will be cracking charts in no time. The best part of all is that it will enable you to crochet a pattern regardless of the language the written pattern is in. If you unearth a fabulous crochet pattern in a foreign language; as long as there is a chart you just need to decipher the symbols and you are off. There will be no limits to your crochet skills!

  • Photocopy your chart and have two different coloured highlighter pens at the ready.

  • Always familiarise yourself with the symbols for the chart your are about to follow. They can vary from chart to chart so it is worth checking each time.

  • The start of each row / round will be numbered in order. Find your starting point – “1”. Look at the row / round and read through what stitches to expect. This way you won’t be in for any surprises halfway through.

  • As you move through each row / round highlight as you go with one of your highlighters. If you have to stop part way through you will know where you are up to.

  • For the next row / round use the second highlighter shade so that you can differentiate between the rows / rounds. Continue to use alternate shades as you proceed with the chart.

  • As you are working through, your crochet will start to look like the chart. Take a moment to stop and look at your progress as you are going along.

A good chart to set you off on your journey to cracking charts is the virus shawl pattern. A pretty pattern that shows off variegated beautifully such as Stylecraft Cabaret and King Cole Riot Dk.

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