Sew a simple kimono for summer

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With summer holidays on the horizon and the hope of hazy summer days too, it’s time to think about adding something new to your summer wardrobe. This may come in the form of knitting or crochet for many, but today we are thinking aout sewing. Courtesy of the lovely people at Coats we have a free pattern for you. How about sewing a simple kimono for summer? Wear it on the beach as a beautiful cover up, or casual with a pair of jeans and a vest top. Once you have made the first one you will be considering a different colouway to match all of you summer outfits.

Even if your sewing skills fall into the basic / learner category do not fear, this project is suitable for everyone. It requires very few sewing skills, in fact it would make a good project for those learning, especially to sew in a straight line and doing a hem.

When Erica and Jo from Coats were in store they soon whipped up, not one, but three kimonos in just an afternoon. Ok, so they are the experts at this type of thing, don’t be disheartened if it takes you a little longer.


sew a simple kimono

You will need

There is the option to add a fancy trimming – e.g. beaded or sequinned, as you can see in the photos shown below.

sew a simple kimono for summer

From left to right fabrics as follows –
Amy Butler Hapi Sunflowers, Zandra Rhodes Lace Mountain Fringed Shawl, Philip Jacobs Japanese Chrysanthemum

The fabric used for all three kimonos is the standard cotton fabric from the Coats range, that measure 112cm in width. The cotton fabrics are luxurious to the touch and as you can see from the images drape beautifully.

sew a simple kimono for summer

The simple kimono design is a great way of wearing your faourite fabric and showcasing the dazzling print design.

sew a simple kimono for summer


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