Stuart Hillard GBSB Guest Blog Post – Semi Final

Posted by Amy | Posted in Guest Blog | Posted on 11-03-2015

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Semi Final

This week sewing got brutal, Neil got all Black Lace and there were some shocks in the sewing room.  The first challenge saw our hopefuls tackle a pencil skirt, nothing too challenging about that, until Patrick threw in the requirements… a lace outer skirt and slippery satin lining.  Both tricky fabrics to work with and a challenge designed to sort out the serious contenders for the final and those whose days were numbered.  The atmosphere was incredibly tense and no one really looked like they were having a jolly time.  There were two firsts in this challenge, Neil struggled and Matt came top… I didn’t see that coming.

The alteration challenge came next, turning a rubber wetsuit into a ladies dress.  Funnily enough none of the sewers were familiar with the particular skills required for this one and I couldn’t help thinking that the programme makers were being nasty for the sake of it.  I hated all the creations but I hated Deborah’s least which for once, was something the judges and I agreed on.

Last challenge was to make a perfectly fitted leather jacket in 6 ½ hours… I have made bags with leather but never clothes and this challenge did excite and terrify me in equal measure!  Clover mini clips are perfect for holding seams together for fitting and sewing (much better than bulldog clips!) and a teflon or non stick foot is pretty essential too.  These both work for sewing oil cloth too, which makes brilliant bags.  I loved Lorna’s jacket, Neil triumphed and we said goodbye to Paul and Deborah which left me feeling sad and just a little bit bereft.

It’s the final next week and Neil, Lorna and Matt will battle it out, although  for me, there has been an obvious winner from week 1. Who’s your money on?

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