Stuart Hillard GBSB Guest Blog Post – Part 1

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stuart hillard

I’m so excited to be blogging for Black Sheep Wools for the duration of The Great British Sewing Bee! Thank you for having me and let’s begin! Ok, I’ll start with a confession, I missed the first two episodes of GBSB as I was swanning around Australia promoting my book, Sew Fabulous, and generally escaping the snow. Good old BBC iPlayer stepped in and saved the day and I enjoyed a two hour “sew-fest” at 3am in my jim jams. It was wonderful to see so much Amy Butler fabric in the first episode…Lorna and Amanda both chose Amy fabrics for their cotton trousers and proved that fabric with massive impact can take a simple pattern to a whole new level but it was army boy Neil who won the first challenge with his military precision and creases you could cut yourself on.  Transformations came next and, like the judges, I was thrilled to see so many imaginative ways to re-vamp a denim shirt and not a single bit of cowboy fringing to be seen… hoorah!  In the final challenge it was Neil who triumphed with his cut-away dress… help me out here, is he actually married to Rhianna or was my jet-lag playing tricks on me?  Annie said farewell and we were all promised a calf named Claudia…sweet.

the great british sewing bee week1

Image source – The Great British Sewing Bee Facebook page

the great british sewing bee week 2

Image source – The Great British Sewing Bee Facebook page

Episode two and three more sewing challenges. On that note, I can’t help thinking that these challenges are pretty tough for week two… if you’ve never sewn before and fancy having a go please do not panic! There are squillions of easy patterns to start you off and in the real world we all have more time and less pressure than the contestants in the sewing room! I loved Lorna’s little tweed waistcoat, she consistently produces well-made garments and she’s definitely in my top five already. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will make it to the top spot in a challenge soon, she seems like a very talented and creative lady.  Speaking of creative, I love Ryan’s style, he has great flair and some fab ideas. Sewing for children, the theme of week 2, is where a lot of people get started with a needle and thread.  A new baby or young children are often the catalyst that starts a person’s sewing journey.  A simple quilt, basic clothes or a fancy dress outfit are brilliant ways to get started and cotton fabrics, particularly the ones made for patchwork, are perfect and easy to stitch.  It was another chap, this week Paul, who made the garment of the week with his hilarious ballerina elephant costume.  I was sorry to see Alex leave and her tears show the passion that many of us feel when we are sewing. I can’t wait for episode three of the Great British Sewing Bee which airs on BBC2 this thursday at 8pm…

xxx Stu

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