How to make a no sew cushion cover

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With this simple step by step guide you can transform your cushions in a matter of minutes. The best part of all, there is absolutely no need whatsoever to get out your sewing machine. A sewing project of sorts that requires no sewing skills! Once you make one you will be tempted to change your decor on a weekly basis. It really is that simple to make a no sew cushion. Take a look below at the step by step photos. Just a few folds here and a knot there, et voila.


You will need 1 metre of fabric and 1 square cushion pad – approx 18″ x 18″.

Dena Designs fabric


Step 1

Lay the fabric out on a flat surface in front of you.

no sew cushion

Step 2

Place the cushion in the centre of the fabric.

no sew cushion cover

Step 3

Begin to neatly fold in the fabric piece, starting with the corner closest to you. Fold down the pointed end (see top right of image) to make a flat edge and then fold again so that the fabric reaches the centre of the cushion.

no sew cushion cover

Make sure that there are no creases and the fabric sits smoothly.

no sew cushion cover step 4

Step 4

Fold the opposite side into the centre mirroring step 3, so that there are no raw edges showing.

no sew cushion cover

Step 5

Begin to fold the side pieces neatly into a point.

no sew cushion cover

Repeat this folding method on the opposite side of fabric.

no sew cushion cover

Step 6

Gently place the pointed side pieces into the centre of the cushion. Make sure that the folded fabric underneath is not puckering, you are still keeping the fabric as smooth as possible.

no sew cushion cover

Place your hand in between the fabric to help keep the edges neat.

no sew cushion cover

Step 7

Bring the pointed ends together and wrap one piece over and under, pulling through to creat a taught surface.

no sew cushion cover

Step 8

With one end of fabric in each hand wrap around to create a knot.

no sew cushion cover step 8

One No Sew Cushion!

Tuck in the ends and puff out the cushion a little. There you have it, a no sew cushion cover in 8 simple steps.

complete no sew cushion

The beautiful fabric shown in this how to guide is by Dena Designs – Little Azalea Bird of Paradise in aqua.

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