Creative Christmas Winners 2014

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Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s #bswcreativechristmas competition. We have received all sorts of different entries from a knitted Christmas turkey to a life sized crocheted tree. Spotting them on social media and opening up the emails has been most enjoyable. Take a look below at a selection of runner’s up projects.


After much deliberation 3 winners were chosen and contacted. Your gift cards are on their way to you now just in time for Christmas. We asked our winners to tell us a little bit more about their projects and if there was a story to share.


Lynn has knitted this super cute gingerbread man and candy cane garland. Here is what she had to say –

“I have been only knitting now for about 3 years. As a long term M.E. sufferer I was looking for a hobby that I could do at home, and pick it up when I felt like it. I very quickly became absolutely hooked on knitting, and found it fairly easy to produce something that looked reasonably ok!

I adore Christmas and thought I would have a go at knitting some decorations to make my lounge a bit more individual and creative.

I knitted a gingerbread man, intially just as a tree decoration, then thought if I made several, they would make a great garland. I made some in light brown yarn, and some in dark brown. Each has a different coloured bow tie and different buttons down the chest.
I then had the idea of knitting candy canes to go inbetween them to add a bit of colour and festivity. These are knitted stripes in either green and white, or red and white, sewn around a pipe cleaner to add shape.
As the garland evolved, I decided to thread some red wooden beads between each piece, and add some striped ribbon either end for hanging.

I love the finished result, and hope others do to.”


Julie has knitted a Santa hat and beard for her husband to wear over Christmas time. Here is what she had to say about her festive knit –

“My husband is always up for a laugh and anything that gets him attention he loves. Last year I knitted him a Christmas jumper but he wears overalls at work so it was hid. I was browsing Christmas patterns online and I saw the pattern with the Santa hat and beard and just knew I had to knit it. I knitted it up in one weekend and he has had so much fun with it, everyone does a double take when they see it and are amazed it’s knitted! My son has also taken a liking to it and it’s a case of whoever gets to it first wears it.” 🙂


Mary’s entry is a life sized crocheted Christmas tree. This has not been made by just Mary though, she has made this with her craft group friends. The tree has already been entered into one Christmas event at Mary’s local church to help raise money for charity. Here is what Mary had to say when we told her that she had won.

“Well how lovely! The others in the group will be delighted.
A local church holds a Festival of Christmas trees each year. This is a lovely event and many children and adults have enjoyed them over the years, and raised money in the process. The trees are all very varied, created by the WI, the Playgroup, the Brownies and some individuals. I think there were about 40 this year. We did get voted best in our group.
We started by thinking of knitted decorations for a tree, but it all got a bit silly, and we wondered if we could knit the tree as well. In fact, my daughters found crochet was the most suitable method. And they just started diamond shapes which joined together to make ‘rings’ of branches. We found some berry lights that poked through the crochet and then just made hundreds of decorations, snowmen, stars, wreaths, bells etc.
We started our knitting group about 3 years ago, just a group of friends who all enjoy the crafting, the chatting and the cake. Only about 8 of us, but my daughters join us, so we have all ages.
We are always looking for opportunities to help a charity or just to have a bit of fun and make someone smile. Our first major project was to Yarnbomb our local shopping precinct, and with the support of the Coffee Shop we raised nearly £800 for Comic relief. We covered the bike racks and a bike and had huge fun. Even got mentioned on Breakfast TV.”


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