Staff Christmas decorations

Posted by Amy | Posted in Creative Christmas | Posted on 23-12-2013


Joining in with the #BSWCreativeChristmas theme, members of staff have also been knitting and crocheting decorations. Seeing all of the pretty creations being sent in got us all in the spirit.

Lesley’s crocheting marathon is showing no signs of stopping. She has already made baby hats and blankets for friends and now decorations for her tree. These delicate snowflakes have been made in Twilleys gold fingering. Lesley followed a YouTube video and had one made up in half an hour! I haven’t asked what her project plans are for 2014. An outfit made from head to toe in crochet, maybe?


Emma has knitted a teeny, tiny tree using up her oddments. The pattern is completely free from Fluff and Fuzz blog. It’s so pretty complete with red and gold beads.


Catherine has knitted mistletoe for in the Craft Barn.


I have crocheted a little Christmas pud for the tree at home. The pattern is from Mini Christmas Crochet book. This has been tucked away as a WIP (Work In Progess) for more or less a whole year. I did start it last Christmas and never actually got round to finishing it. At the moment it’s not on the tree. It is sat along side other knitted / crocheted creations I have made over the years.



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