What have the office staff been making?

Posted by Amy | Posted in Staff Projects | Posted on 22-10-2013

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It is not just the Craft Barn staff who have been busy making lots recently, so have the office staff. The projects may not all be complete, but nevertheless, there are projects hopping on the needles left, right and centre at the moment.

Lets start off with the WIP’s (works in progress) Emma is getting along nicely with her festive knit. She is making a reindeer sweater for herself, and is hoping to be finished for Save the Children Christmas Jumper day¬†on 13th December. The speed Emma is going I am sure it will be done in time. The pattern is from Wendy Festive Knits and the glittery red yarn is King Cole Glitz Dk.


Maria has started knitting a poncho in Wendy Celtic Chunky. The yarn feels lovely knitted and is going well on Maria’s Lantern Moon¬†needles.


This is what the finished poncho will look like. Heather who also works in customer services has this on her needles too. Can’t wait to see it finished.


Sara has knitted a pretty scarf for her mum (Black Sheep Carol) in Debbie Bliss Luxury Silk Dk. The other day I managed to take a photo of Carol modelling the scarf. She had popped it on with her uniform, whilst she was in preparing for the show.


Lesley has knitted a Christmas gift in Sirdar Denim Ultra. The shawl is for her mum, but when Lesley was twirling around the shop in it, we all thought it suited her perfectly. It could be one of those gifts that never gets to its intended recipient. Has this ever happened to you? Happily knitting something, with the full intentions of giving it away and then just not being able to when you finish? I admit I have done this before (ooops!). Anyway…. although Lesley did enjoy modelling the shawl, she is definitely going to be wrapping it up as a gorgeous gift for her mum.


I have finished my cushion – wooohooo!! A little tweaking here and there due to changing the back to a flat circle, it is finished. I really enjoyed crocheting this and would love to do it again. Maybe next time in a brighter colour palette! The pattern is from Crochet Living by Debbie Bliss.


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is there a pattern for the amazing flower cushion.

Thank you for your lovely comments. The pattern is from Crochet Living by Debbie Bliss http://www.blacksheepwools.com/books/brand/debbie-bliss/crochet-living.html

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