Knitted Aran Treasures

Posted by Amy | Posted in Treasured | Posted on 20-12-2012


I received a lovely email from Kate a blog reader from Hertfordshire. Kate sent in 3 different knitted treasures to share. This is what she had to say about all of her gorgeous Aran cardigans.

‘The first plain cream aran cardigan was given to me by my mum who made it before I was born when she was younger than I am now. I absolutely love vintage knits and I wear this all the time as it goes with everything! There seem to be lovely aran and chunky knit cardigans everywhere on the high street now but nothing could compare to this which was made so painstakingly by my mum.
After my mum gave me this I decided I wanted to attempt my own aran that I could treasure and hopefully hand down one day. The second cream aran with the pink and green flecks is my Aran. It took me about 6 months of long evenings deciphering my first charts and constantly losing my cable needles down the side of the sofa. I absolutely love it, including the one cable which wiggles the wrong way (the result of a very long night trying to finish it in time for winter). It is so cosy and I will definitely treasure it forever.
The third picture is another fantastic vintage knit that my mum made when she is pregnant with my older brother about 30 years ago. She lent it to me when I was chilly one Christmas (It’s been in the top of her wardrobe unworn for about 20 years) and I couldn’t bare to part with it. As it was a maternity cardigan it is rather large for me but I love the giant knit feel of it and I have spent many cold nights wrapped up in it.’

Thank you so much for sharing your knitted treasures Kate. It is lovely to hear the stories behind each one. They will all be cherished forever! If you would like to share your treasures please email photos along with the reason why they are so treasured to

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