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My knitted treasures – well when I came round to locating all of my knitted treasures throughout the house I realised I have many. I guess not all of them are as treasured as others but I feel that everything I knit is treasured in some way. When I first stopped to think of my very first knitted project I remembered a pink garter stitch scarf I made when I was 5 years old. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to find it, but I am sure it is stored away safely somewhere.

When I was younger I obviously had the same over ambitious project ideas I have now. Ones that are good in theory yet once you begin you realise pretty quickly – I am never going to finish this! I was going to make a knitted blanket out of tiny squares using scraps of yarn. All of which are varying sizes due to yarn thickness and my uneven tension when I was little. It was only this summer that I rediscovered it hidden away in a cupboard, a knitted treasure. I will try and find it to show you how random it actually is! I remember thinking I would make it really quickly and it would be a lovely blanket  – to this day it is still incomplete. Maybe this could be a UFO (unfinished object) for the future.

The first knitted treasure I have to share is one that I didn’t actually knit. An absolutely gorgeous top my mum knitted for herself when she was my age. This is a treasured piece that I could never part with. I just love wearing it, so delicate, the detail in the design makes for a perfect fit, with the ribbed waist band and intricate lace. A timeless garment. The yarn is extremely fine, possibly 3ply or even 2ply. My mum still likes to knit with fine yarns. I on the other hand am more of a chunky or super chunky girl. As you can see from my other treasured piece below……….

This is the first ever garment I made using Rowan Big Wool. I realised the other day that it was 10 years ago that I knitted this! Which is quite scary because I feel like it wasn’t that long ago at all! Also I haven’t worn it as much as I would have hoped. I don’t think winters were as cold as they have been of late. In the past couple of years I have managed to wear it quite a few times. That is what is so great about jumpers like this they are still fashionable and wearable even 10 years later. I remember saving up and going to buy the yarn and 15mm needles. I had never used this size before – seemed so big! They have been used many times since, for all sorts of super chunky knitting. I really do love this jumper and will treasure it forever.


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