Treasured Object

Posted by Amy | Posted in Treasured | Posted on 10-12-2012


A blog follower called Lizz sent in a photograph of the most amazing knitted blanket! If you have watched the Harry Potter films you may recognise the blanket as Ron Weasley’s. With so many different designs and colours as Lizz said on her email it really is a work of art. I imagine this will be treasured forever and ever. Here is what Lizz had to say.

‘This is a new heirloom, made for our youngest daughter, Poppy, who has gone to Sunderland Uni. It is A replica of Ron Weasley’s blanket from the Harry Potter Films, and took 5 months to make – there are 80 7 x 7 inch squares( its bed sized). It was a labour of love and felt never ending at times, but was enjoyable to do. I even had to go to one of the schools I work in, to the crochet club teacher to learn how to crochet the edges (my Mum tried to teach me but never managed- I have now forgotten how to do it !!)

The pattern was from ravelry by Penguineer- she had taken 2 years of watching films and going to the touring exhibition to work it out.’

Take a look at the detail in the squares. Thank you for sharing your treasured heirloom with everyone Lizz.


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