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Posted by Amy | Posted in Treasured | Posted on 04-12-2012


Today I have a stitched treasure to share from a Knit & Stitch blog follower called Theresa.

Theresa stitched this beautiful piece in her first year at grammar school, aged 11. Here is what she had to say on her email.

‘All my classmates were allowed to make up their own design, but not me! Because my primary school teacher had reported on my passion for needlework, I was given the most complex design to do – and I had to complete four panels where everyone else only had to do one or two! At the time I was quite needled about this (sorry!!!!), but now I’m so grateful that I was pushed to do something like this. It took me a whole year of weekly needlework lessons to complete it.

I think the technique is called ‘pulled thread embroidery’ or maybe ‘cut thread embroidery’, because threads are cut and pulled from the fabric, with the ends being woven back in to create a selvedge, and the embroidery is then worked on the remaining threads – actually this is weaving, rather than embroidery as such. The close up image shows this selvedge in one corner of the design.’
Look at the detail and bright colours complimenting each other beautifully in the stitching. To look at this piece you could imagine it being a cushion cover design today, quite a modern design. Theresa said that she has never actually used the cover, just kept it safe fro 50 years. This is a fantastic treasured piece, with a lovely story behind it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Theresa.

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I remember doing pulled thread work at my Junior School. But we only worked white in white.
This has inspired me to have another go.

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