Knitted Treasures

Posted by Amy | Posted in Treasured | Posted on 29-11-2012



It is lovely to be able to share everyone’s knitted or stitched treasures here on the blog. I like hearing the story behind something, who it was for? where it has travelled to? do you love it or hate it?

Today I have two treasures from blog readers………

A blog reader called Janet sent in a photo of a beautiful blanket she knitted for her son just before he was born. Janet said that her little boy was overdue and as time went on waiting for him to arrive her blanket continued to grow bigger and bigger.

This is such a pretty blanket, the heart detail with a reverse stocking stitch gives a subtle embossed look. A piece that Janet will treasure forever.

The second is a recently finished project from a Facebook follower called Daisy.

Daisy said on her email that she just had to have the Sirdar snowman jumper when she saw it advertised on our website. This is her first ever intarsia project, which is hard to believe when you look at all of the colour changes perfect shaping in the snowman. Very impressive Daisy! She said that she was determined to finish it franticly knitting it in just 3 weeks, ready to wear over Christmas, this year and every year for the rest of her life. It is great to think that Daisy already knows this will become her knitted treasure.

Thank you to Janet and Daisy for sharing there treasures. If reading this has got you thinking and inspired you to go searching through your wardrobes and drawers for those tucked away treasures please do share a photo –

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