Treasured – Catherine

Posted by Amy | Posted in Treasured | Posted on 21-11-2012


Catherine was very enthusiastic at the prospect of sharing her knitted treasures. When I asked her she knew exactly what (or should I say who) she wanted to bring in – a Humpty Dumpty teddy knitted by her mum when she was born. Today is Catherine’s birthday, I am sure she won’t mind me telling you, it’s her 40th. Which makes it Humpty Dumpty’s 40th birthday too! Catherine remembers taking him everywhere with her when she was younger, even using him as a pillow. You can see from the photo below he has been loved and has had a few repairs over the years, but he is still going strong. Catherine plans to give him a bit of a make over this year including adding a new ribbon and a nose.

Catherine’s second treasured piece is a cable aran sweater she knitted whilst out at sea during her time in the navy on HMS Coventry – slightly different work place to being surrounded by yarn everyday. This is a gorgeous traditional aran sweater, such intricate detail in the cabling. Catherine said that everyone wanted to borrow the sweater to keep warm when they were on the bridge for night watch. Even the men borrowed it! That is what is so great about a traditional cream aran sweater the design is so versatile and can easily be worn by men or women. What a lovely treasured knit to share. Something not only Catherine has treasured but also others too.


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