Yarn Review – Katia Azahar

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This week the Black Sheep yarn review is for Katia Azahar. Yvonne was excited about beginning her project with the Azahar (shade 52)yarn and from what she has to say about it the yarn did not disappoint…….

“This is a woven rather than a spun yarn. I found it very easy to work with and it is so versatile; whether you choose to crochet or knit. A variety of effects can be produced. I used the Azahar as the main yarn following pattern 31 as featured on the front cover of Katia Elegance No.70. I had soon completed and finished the garment in no time at all. The video tutorials on Katia’s website are really informative and useful for each of the Azahar techniques (click here to see the videos). For the crocheted sections I used a ball of dk cotton from my stash. A 4ply yarn would also work.

The thing I like most is its versatility. One technique I would like to try out in the future  is gathering the cord inside the top of the yarn to give a ruffled effect or alternatively leaving it flat. Using the yarn in this way would give a lovely finish to the cuffs and neckline of a garment. This yarn and the ideas andpatterns Katia have produced bring another dimension to knitting and crochet.”


Here are two more patterns from Katia book 70 using the Azahar in a different way.

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